Did they have unrealistic expectations?

It'll probably be claimed that "This is turning into another Viet Nam. Bring our boys home now !" I just hope they don't leg it and leave our people in the deep and utter.
I agree that their expectations are far too high, look at Afghanistan, is law and order in place there, is there democracy :?: , are women offered more freedom as they were promised :?: did they achieve their objectives the capture/death of bin laden :?: . Iraq will be no different, even the American people will only accept so many casualties, im sure some of the incidents are from Saddam loyalists, just as many will be from Muslims disgruntled that the infidel is still occupying their land, but what is sure is they will not stop and the military no matter which nation it is from will be effective at stopping it, if they dont act enough more attacks will take place, if they are heavy handed word will spread, inflaming more resistance, you are in a no win situation. As for Bliar saying "even if they had been wrong about weapons of mass destruction, history would forgive the removal of Saddam Hussein". I think Mr Bliar history will remember this for what it was an illegal war waged on the crest of lie upon lie. With their actions the goalpost have now been moved for military action.

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