Did the nasty man get you? It was a long time ago!

I put this in here as it was so long ago, only the old farts will be aware and may/may not want to remember. My particular brush had a happier ending.

'Twas the end of 1981 and I flew back to Luton from BAOR to commit social suicide by getting married (didn't realise at the time) in Kent. Can't remember how or where, but I know I'd had a number of sherberts prior to flying and a couple or more tinnies on the train to London (trying to make it sound better for the pending embarrassment) When I get off the train I have a wait for the next one and am studying the timetable when I am approached by a long lost 'friend' "Alright mate! I remember you from the plane over! I see you have a wait for your train"

I can cut chunks out of this as it goes on a bit but he was In the Army, talked about the reggie boxing match they've just had and how he beat his heavyweight opponent with the brush of an eyelash. 'Could I change up a tenner for two fivers' 'Do I play cards' etc etc etc. With hind sight, I was being targetted for a scam that was to haunt me for over a year.

The next minute, I find myself playing cards with him just to pass the time, not for money of course. Game of Brag? says he. Next minute he is pushing about 30 quid over to me and saying "You're good at this... just give me a chance to win some of that back" Mate... says I, we weren't playing for money, I don't want your money.
Too late matey! He's just done you with a five card trick and is demanding over a £150... with menaces. No-way mate, I haven't got that sort of money and we weren't playing for money anyway! "Yes you have, I saw it in your wallet when you changed up for me"
"that's a few Escudos for the honeymoon" He had the grace to say that the only reason I was not getting filled in was that I didn't take his money in the previous game and he didn't want a few shitty Escudos in any case. He was gone and it was over in a flash.

I have to say, even though I did not part with any money, I felt (and was) a total Knob. 21yr old, gullible, looked about 16, built like a dragonfly and half cut to boot, I felt bloody awful and ashamed I'd got myself into that mess and didn't have the bottle to do anything about it.... at the time. I didn't tell anyone for a long time because of the shame and carried on as normal.

Roll forward to about April '83 and I'm returning to BAOR after a trade course in the UK and meeting a mate at the railway station, to Luton, from London. I got there early and vaguely recognise this man and he's sat at a table talking to a young bloke. I walked over to the young bloke who was just about to use a cash machine and asked him about the bloke he was talking to at the table. Did he do this? Tell you this? ask you this?
" Yes he says" Where has he gone now asks I "right behind you" replies the bloke who had tried to rip me off a year earlier!
I saw red, had nothing to lose and started to rip into him verbally and asked him if he remembered me. "No, he replies" You tried the same phuckin stunt on me over a year ago you robbin' ba****d! He tried to leg it and we had a 'bundle' in amonst all the tables and chairs. As luck would have it, the mate I was meeting just turned up and also the unknown lad at the cashpoint helped out and we tied him in a knot and dragged him off to the Police office on the station. It MUST be some sort of con that he could get done for and we have him red-handed so to speak.

The old bill had him for about half an hour, did some checks on him... Known not currently wanted or disqualified etc etc. They then let him go and said they couldn't do anything as we had entered into the 'game' with him willingly and it would be impossible to prove otherwise.
I remember a cleaner at the station came up to us after and said he'd watched what went on and was glad to se the bloke get a semi -kickin'. He'd worked at the station for years and had seen literally hundreds of young squaddies getting targetted by the same scam... just at that one station!!

So! were any of you the young man at the cashpoint? Thanks if you were! Were any of you taken in by this con merchant (who wasn't in the services after all) and can now admit it on here after all these years. Anybody else manage to grip him? SOMEBODY on here must have had dealing with him.
Wish we had taken him 'round the back' and dealt with it properly now!
I had a similar experience at Manchester Piccadilly railway station in (about) 1976.
Coming home on Xmas leave I decided to have a pint in the station bar and a bloke joins me asking if I am a squaddie, my suitcase gave the game away I suppose.
He claimed that he was in and he certainly knew the jargon etc. He then asked me if I played cards and after a couple of rounds of brag I had won about £20 (big dosh in those days), he then insisted I gave him a chance to win his money back and he cleared out my entire Xmas leave money.

Then my old man turned up to collect me.
My old fellah also 'collected' all my money back off the cheating bastard so all ended better than it should have done.

I heard later that it was a common scam in those days.
Similar but I didn't go for it. Late 70's in London BR and just been bussed down from Luton airport, I was standing at the timetable board mit issue suitcase when a guy approached and started with the ex-army patter and once he zeroed in on the accent he also new what train I was getting. He got the subject round to money by talking about the new 100DM note and, luckily, that's when the alarm bells went off in the head. I just said I had to sort out my warrant and effed off. I did try to see if he was still around after bout 10 minutes as I had the weird idea that I'd foil his next move on any squaddie he'd zeroed in on but couldn't find him.

I had to get cash to pay for Christmas in the West Indies somehow ;)
I met a fat old Geordie in a bar in Torrevieja a few years ago whilst my mate was back in the apartment wrapped round the toilet, Geordie was attempting to pickle his liver with the remainder of his redundancy and was making a good go of it if his complexion and yellow eyes were much to go on.

After a bit of scabby tapas he told me he was off to the Eden Rock, a f*ck off great brothel perched on the edge of some cliffs so I hopped in.

Long story short and true to typical f*cking form, I ended up with a husky voiced, fruity smelling negro immigrant. After making me 'cleanse' myself over a bidet she allowed me to squeeze her t*ts whilst I tried to push my sperm through the yard of p*ss that was sat in my wee wee pipe but ended up 'finishing' manually on her inner thighs whilst she mopped at it furiously with the corner of a pillow.

I didnt begrudge the 30 Euros I palmed off to her on the offset, I did however shirk a bit at the 80 Euro fee I'd apparently dodged on the way in......I was about to tell the honking little Pedro to f*ck off but wasnt particularly fancying a smash up with what looked like the 2 blokes from Ace of Base stood to the right of him in a dusty Spanish car park....

Someone burned it down last year :D
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To be fair I watched the find the lady game as a tiny tot and was amazed that people fell for it. Like the bargain auctions held down Oxford Street.

Glad you kept the loot though
mmm-babies-heads said:
:) :) :) Thanks! Just make me feel worse! I've already 'coughed' to being a naieve knob though!
Dunno about you but I was a very green 17 year old and was quite pissed up after a journey from London Euston to Manchester.

It was my first leave as well.

I was happy and pissed, on leave and it was Christmas.

Glad I had a nails dad though.


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I was in the cub scouts for a bit.

I had to show the police where on the teddy the nasty man got me.


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Ravers said:
I was in the cub scouts for a bit.

I had to show the police where on the teddy the nasty man got me.
So you've fucked a teddy then?

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