Did the Met Act Illegally Today ?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Hootch, Sep 15, 2004.

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  1. Just seen the debacle that occurred in Parliament Square today.

    One thing that stuck me was the number of Head wounds inflicted on the demonstrators by the Met with metal batons. Made me angry and actually side with the protestors, to see women with head wounds, crying and trying to understand what happened, is cringing and sickening.

    I was observing some Public Order training recently and the Instructor clearly stated that it is illegal to strike a protestor on the Head and that you should strike them on the shoulder, or face the posibility of legal action.

    PO Gurus - Is this true? Did Met Officers act illegally today?

    If so, what is the chance that THEY will be investigated and charged in the way that WE are !
  2. There were certainly people there who were confrontational with the police, but their reaction was, from what I experienced, OTT. Most of the anger was directed at the contempt being shown to the countryside, not the authorities. It should be remembered that the crowds gave the police a cheer and a round of applause at the end of the speeches. It wasn't the rank and file plod, they were fine, it was the TSU at the corner of Victoria St that sparked the major incident that was shown on TV when 6 officers charged down 1 man who had been remonstrating with officers and then walked away. He was actually some 30 feet away from the police, stood still and with his back to them when they came running through the lines to tackle him.
  3. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Absolute bloody disgrace. These people call themselves professional police officers. More like a bunch of football hooligans on a saturday afternoon. No control. No direction. No leadership. Just unrestrained unjustified blood letting. I hope that a few ex army Coppers come on this site and try and justify this evening's events.
  4. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Any one actually there? Or just saw the footage edited by the news. If Officers broke the law bring them to book. If they failed to use reasonable force, as defined in s.117 of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984, then charge them.

    Strange how the public are up in arms when soldiers are investigated for War Crimes in Iraq, and rightly so, but when the Old Bill do their job its all very different. Are there any police casualty figures for the disturbance?

    In reference to the 'unled rabble' idea, I saw at least four Inspectors in the thick of it, plus Sergeants where heavily involved.

    As it happened, the Police failed as the House of Commons was entered by pro-hunt supporters. Lucky it wasnt Bin Ladins lot!
  5. They, the Coppers, were out of order.

    Whatever little respect people have for the police in this country, that demonstration of community policing has just fatally wounded it.

    Now lets see some of them get done.
  6. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    I doubt 'violent disorder' is part of the community policing plan for Westminster.
  7. Ventress I saw some of the footage live before it was edited, and the editing made the police action look less unprovoked than the live.

    Some of those policemen appeared to cross the line of acceptability. They should be investigated and if found guilty dealt with.

    And the powers that be should get wise, actions like the ones I saw on TV will alienate the police from their natural constituency, the people who pay their wages. And if people like me and I suspect most of the people on this site, middle Britain small c conservatives holding the sort of values of respect for law, order and the police forces are lost, then the constabularies will be in a very bad way.
  8. I think you will find the police are not as powerful as you would expect, within the confines of the parliment buildings. it is the robe wearing power frenzied sgt-at-arms type have the policing duties inside the buildings and have more power than the plod. i.e the police have no power of arrest of MP's in the parliment buildings.!
    The police are not a lot more than gate guards.
  9. Isn't it time there was an independent investigation into Britains Police Forces and the way they are run and I mean independent and not independent as in Hutton and Butler. The best force in Britain the RUC was dismantled with the help of Sir John Stevens, a total disgrace as head of the Met, so lets see him and his cronies come under the spotlight. There have been more f**k ups in the Met under his tenure than that of any other head of the Met. The scenes in Parliament Square yesterday were more reminiscent of the Brownshirts on Kristalnacht than the so called servants of the people the British Police. Time for the public to elect the chief constrables of their area ala America (something they have got right). As for those in the countryside refuse to serve the Police in your shops or businesses (it is Your Right) until those thugs in uniform are brought to book.

    Speed cameras.
    Non response to breakins and criminal damage.
    Targeting Law abiding citizens rather than criminals.

    Always the easy option with the cops these days.

    Rant over, and I feel much better, good therapy this, sh*t I'm starting to sound like a tree hugger.
  10. What's happening with this country?? we have soldiers facing criminal prosecution for shooting Iraqi insurgents but we allow our police to beat unarmed civillians with battons when they loose control of a crowd (not that there looked to be much control in the first place!). The law sir is an arse
  11. I was there, as were a number of the RA Hounds and hunt.

    I have to say that rank and file plod were very good. I didn't see the first incident, but I was standing in amongst the grief of the second. It was one TSU in particular, commanded by a Ch Insp (MPU3) that was up for a bit of a ruck and steamed in heavy handed. The point to note was that while there were a couple of Sgts an Insp and a Ch Insp, the latter 2 were well back and didn't get in and observe for themselves what was happeneing until it was too late and trouble had started when the TSU steamed in mob-handed and lifted a guy in his early 20's. The pictures could easily give the impression that it was far uglier than it actually was, the crowd were shocked, appalled, and incensed by what the police were doing but at no time did the mood get ugly enough to justify the kicking the police then handed out to anyone standing within baton range. From where I was stood I saw a number of batons benig raised in the air and being brought down as people were trying to get away.
  12. Yes lets get Ms O'Loan (Police omubardsman for northern Ireland)into investigate the Met or better still the PSNI as they are very good on the legalities of crowd control and use of reasonable force.

    May be the Met and English forces should be reformed along the lines of the Patton report with an oversight body.

    I mean if its good enough for Northern Ireland then it should be applied to the rest of the UK.
  13. The TV footage was bad. What does trotsky have to say he's plod.
    The sad thing is that the injured will have no sympathy from the public as they are 'hunting scum' and therefore deserve to be beaten up. There will be those in parliament who will be delighted that both the 'invasion and the 'riot' happened as they can now marginalise the hunting fraternity even further.
    Any protests at the police behaviour will probably be ignored because the protestors will be seen as pro hunt therefore by definition a murdering monster with no rights.
    You will have to try and get an anti to protest properly and vociferously in the house before any notice will be taken. Fat chance but Anne Widdicome might do it.
    Saw the previous master of RA on telly. He actually came across much better than he did when he was in the RA.
  14. The police unit responsible appeared to panic and lose self-control. I witness the footage on the 10pm BBC news last night where one officer pushed two men back (one of which had his arms crossed across his chest) then hit then with his baton - totally outragous.
  15. Watched it last night and I too thought a bit OTT.

    I now have more symapthy with the Pro-hunt lobby than any lefty tree hugger.

    Shame it wasn't OBLs lot that got in :twisted: