Did the earth move for you?

It's just come on the news that a Korean honeymooning couple have just been found on the capsized Italian cruise ship. Do you think they were busy and didn't notice the ship was on it's side? What would you do in that situation?
They're Korean and therefore automatically complete fucking mentalists. The only reason masturbation isn't more common there is because they've a pathological aversion to anything that might cause 'turning Japanese'.

If it were me, I'd seize one of the life-rafts and re-enact the final scene from Goldfinger.
Dump the bloke over the side and inseminate the bitch,
Depends on my proximity to the bar to be totally honest - I might not have noticed the capsize either, given that I can regularly be found upside down singing "Ave Maria" any given Sunday.

Hate the idea of a cruise anyway - have you ever tried lighting a damp cigarette? Ghastly.

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