Did the Army Help You As a Person?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by GunpointGourmet, Aug 16, 2008.

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  1. Hello! First post on these forums.

    Basically. I am incredibly interested in joining the army, mainly for personal reasons.
    I'm mainly interested in becoming a chef in the military, its what I love doing. Cooking is a great thing for me and the chance to become physically and mentally fit, become part of a team and mature personally.

    I need this. I need the discipline and I need structure in my life to help myself, and hopefully will gift me with the abilities to help others.

    I have already signed up and have been engaging in regular exercise to help condition myself for the physical entry requirements, granted.. I'm not aiming for a combat based job.. but I want to be the best I can. This means a lot to me.

    Has the Army helped you as a person? Do you feel glad for joining it and do you think that your decision has helped make you an overall better person? Or made it to your detriment?
  2. What paper do you write for then?
  3. Yes, yes and no. Its not all good, but I'd do it again.

    Going from the above it would suit you too, good luck.

    P.S. Dont be a journo.
  4. Assuming you're not a journo...

    The army has done a lot for me. I now use the 24hr clock all the time, point with all five digits not one, say "happy with that" a lot and iron creases in all my trousers. I also don't notice how odd this all is, because everyone around me does it too.
  5. This is odd? 8O
  6. No, no. I am not a journalist! But.. I can understand why you might think that. I try to approach things on a little bit of a more mature basis and I like to ask around a lot, hear what other people have to say and what they have done before I dive headfirst.

    I'm seventeen and don't really have much going on for me at the moment, and the army seems like a sure fire way to get me back on track and on to something more.

    I am just asking for a few opinions, because I have a few doubts over whether I really want to do this...

    Was just curious if you really felt the decision to join the army was a good one? Do you enjoy your daily lives as a soldier?
  7. The army made it patently obvious to me how krap it is being a civvy. The only good civvies are ex-forces and family. Once I figured that out it all made sense.
  8. Keep them coming.

    I'm kind of excited about joining, I can't wait. And the days just aren't going fast enough for me.
  9. :D
  10. The army will knock off any rough edges and give you a polish, but you must put 100% in to get the full benefit.
    You will probably realise that most of your old civvy mates are c0cks, and drift away from them socially. Family may take time to get used to your new rich and colourful vocabulary and mannerisms. Check Arrsepedia for a translation of some of the terms and phrases you will adopt. As long as you accept that 99% of things told toyou during training are gospel, you will do OK, the odd 1% is just normal bullsh1t and can do you no lasting harm.
  11. Happy with that.
  12. Heh, I've been reading Arrsepedia for a few days now, find it amusing and to be honest, it is rather encouraging.

    I've adopted running, swimming and pushups over the last few weeks and days to help tone myself better physically, I'm no god of fitness but I'm not pathetically weak either, been reading up on different techniques and things.

    Will I really need to -very- fit to pass the physical? I'm no idiot so the BARB tests can't be too bad, I want to give it my best shot. I want this so much.
  13. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    At the risk of getting a king-sized slagging, any one of the Armed Forces has those effects ... in varying degrees.

    To the end of their days, all conversations with my parents took forever as I had to explain terminology, abbreviations and "why" :lol:

    And at the end of 30 years of it all, the things I miss are ...
    1. An endless supply of genuine mates.
    2. An organised world that actually works [almost all the time].
    3. Higher standards in everything we do, and say, than those useless shambolic wankners in civvy street.

    Good luck. :wink:
  14. B-S, it was not my intention to imply that ONLY the army could effect these improvements, I merely spoke of my experiences of the service I joined.
  15. Thank you a lot guys, really has given me a good outlook on it, from what you are saying you definately did enjoy it.

    From talking to a few soldiers on the Armyjobs.mod sight they seem to all say roughly the same thing.

    Just boosts my encouragement more. I want to go into this with all guns blazing and do the best I physically and mentally can.

    Granted, I want to be a chef within the military.

    Can anyone tell me what those guys are like? If they enjoy it? and if the food is good (or bad)