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Did the army consider using German equipment?

When Rifkind was SoS he was taken down to (I believe) SPTA to have his obligatory photo op in DPM getting down with the lads. Obviously putting him in a Chieftain turret would have been a bit too Maggie-esque (and she’d only just left) so he was set up to do a bit of live firing with an 81mm mortar.

Unfortunately just as the cameras started rolling he attempted to insert the bomb fuse-first.

I was in MB at the time and I saw the photo :)

Unfortunately it was pre-Internet so I haven’t been able to find a copy.

IIRC @Bubbles_Barker has also seen it.
Oh yes. Probably still holds first place for embarrassing photos of Secretaries of State, despite Geoff Hoon's valiant efforts - the pink shirt and hands on hips whilst visiting RM on Saif Sareea, and the very small female / Gurkha sized ECBA during his first trip to theatre during Telic - on him, looked like the body armour equivalent of a boob tube. Not inappropriate, given he was a massive tit.

The one that did not get out was a certain junior minister visiting a TA unit in NI, wearing a bowler hat. He knew damned well what he was doing... v naughty.

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