Did she sign for the tools

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jaybee2786, Nov 25, 2008.

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  1. Astronaut loses $100,000 tool bag on a spacewalk.
    S - "Umm, we have a lost tool," came the heralding cry of Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper who, while cleaning and lubing a joint on a wing of one of the station's solar panels, let a tool bag drift away just beyond her reach. The mission was able to be salvaged, however, as fellow spacewalk astronaut Stephen Bowen shared his tools with Stefanyshyn-Piper to complete their work in 7 hours.

    The tool bag contained approximately $100,000 worth of tools and was one of the largest items ever lost by an astronaut on a spacewalk. NASA is currently altering future spacewalk plans as a result of the mishap.

  2. Stephen Bowen is from my parish and his family still lives here. At church on Sunday the pastor asked for prayers for "Stephen Bowen on his dangerous mission in space" and I wondered if Father Mulvahill thought that since he does spacewalks with someone who loses things he needed extra help.
  3. Was the request from the pastor a "General god save the usa"


    OR "if you let women do the job of a man " what do you expect.

    OR nasa is a joke and only made millions for people "WITH CONNECTIONS". REMEMBER THE $250 HAMMER in 1965 = £1000 in todays money........


    What has the USA given the world.


    How to comit genocide bigger than the nazis and hitler and not even get a mention.

    But then they "indian *******" jut like the australian "NIGGERS" were and still are "UNDERMENSCH".

    bugger this is a wah.

    under todays PC crap.

    do women have to do anything to be equal?????

    sighning for tools, jesus are you assuming the dozybint can right??????

    coat hat taxi oops.


    in the training tank full of water there is no need to secure the toolbag (the earths grav pull).


    We assume that the next generation of "people in charge" will be better than "WE".

    assuming of course that the "PEOPLE IN CHARGE" promote "THE NEXT GENERATION".

    and not the "people thicker than me and therefore not make look like the village idiot"

    ring any bells????????/
  4. Can we have that in English please?
  5. :? That is meant to be clever I suppose, Old Goat. The trouble is I haven't figured out who you're ranting about: 1) NASA, 2) Dozy bints who think they're astronauts or 3) a bag of tools. :? :p :lol: :lol: :wink:

  6. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    What the fuck are you on?
  7. Drinking in front of the computer, OG?

  8. At the time I posted more like dribbling over the keyboard! :oops:
    And strangely enough it made perfect sense at the time. :oops: :oops:

    Funnely enough if a male astrothingy had lost the toolkit we would have had dozens of posts.

    But because it was a female you can hear all the "sighs" and "its a woman, what do you expect" comments.

    Apologies to all you females out there who are much better at your job than your male counterparts but will never get the money or recognition.
  9. Women and their handbags :roll: , it was to be expected, I suppose she lost her shoes aswell.
  10. [
    What the fuck are you on?[/quote]

    At the time ( I think) it was my fouth bottle of wine @ 14%. :?

    However, allongside the 4 empty wine bottles was an empty bourbon bottle (had been quarter full). 8O

    These days I need some practice for xmas party time. Thats my excuse and i'm sticking to it. :p

  11. Ever thought of HRT??
  12. Now if there had been 4 women together they could have put the toolboxes down on the dancefloor/wing and danced arround them. Sorted. :roll:
  13. Do I have to stick it up my jackseat? :lol:

    Oh bugger, do you mean Hormone Replacement Therapy. :oops:

    My manboobs are big enough as it is. :cry:
  14. You are hereby awarded the Blue/Green order of "Wafflemeister Supreme" how that for one Shortty hasn't got?.......... :mrgreen:
  15. Thank you kind sir. :D

    But there are calls ffrom some arrsers for me to get an oxy tag. i appear to only post drivel and shoite. oh and dont have a clue about grammer. But i never went to a grammer school so how can i know any of that stuff? :lol:

    i was once told to stop ranting and inject some humour into my posts.
    But the donkey has been on an extended holiday and sadly borrowed my sense of humour. He, the donkey, did send a postcard from "Knackers Yard Bay" but thats all really. :(

    Ho hum. Too old to give a fart what other people think.