Did Saddam miss a trick?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Howay_the_Lads, Jan 5, 2007.

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  1. Something that's been puzzling me since they strung Saddam up:

    Hypothetically, if Saddam had managed to flee Iraq, and made it to the UK on the back of an Eddie Sobbart truck and claimed asylum, would he not have enjoyed a life detained at Her Majesty's pleasure, three squares a day, Sky TV and maybe even weekend release. Who knows, after about four years he may even have been released on a tag, and enjoyed the generosity of our benefits system?

    After all it would have been against his human rights to deport him back to his country of orgin, for fear that he may have been persecuted or even tortured and killed?

    Am I being a tad too cynical :?:
  2. Well, he may have missed a trick, but he certainly did not miss the trap...
  3. The trick he missed was the Indian rope Trick. now if he could have got that one down pat, well things would be very different al Tikriti side!
  4. I have it on good authority, that it was Saddam's double that was hanged and the man himself DID stow away on a UK-bound truck. Apparently he is now working part-time in a kebab shop somewhere near..... you.

  5. Is the drinks cabinet at that kebab-house stuffed full of Sunni delight?
  6. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Shame they hung him, George Galloway had got him a booking for next Christmas as Captain Hook in panto at Eastbourne.
  7. Saddo had been accepted as a contestant on the next series of "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here" as well. Didn't pan out, he was dropped.
  8. Oracle said

    Actually I'm being told he is supposed to rise from the dead in three months.

    This one street preacher I know made an interesting point about Saddam's hanging and the crucifixion. Consider:

    a) Both were Semites.
    b) Both were in the legal custody of a foreign powers which happened to be caucasians.
    c) Bush said, I had nothing to do with the hanging. Pontius Pilate said " I wash my hands off this man and do to him what you want .''
    d) Both went before kangaroo courts.
    e) Both were taunted in their last minutes of life.
    f) Both deaths were captured on video. ( Passion of the christ and that Nokia dude.)
    g) We are still talking about them to this day.
    h) Both were guilty of possesing weapons of mass deception.
  9. Howay_the_lads whilst you are joking part of me wonders weather that could of actually happened or not if he had made it to the UK.

    Nothing suprises me any more, we are such a warped twisted gay country these days as we can see with people defending saddam on other threads.

    My favourite is "if you divide the number saddam killed by 24 it's not that many".
  10. Shame that Saddam died within days of James Brown,

    Imagine St Peter at the Pearly gates meeting the pair

    "ahh the king Of Soul with the King of Swing"

    It made me laugh