Did Royals Scots officers were spurs?/Spats?

Hi there,

I'm helping a friend is is doing costumes for a TV drama. Can anyone tell me whether officers in the Royal Scots
a. wore spurs with mess kit?
b. wore spats with trew in No2 dress?

Thanks for your help.

If I can remember, the RS did not wear spat (Lowland Gaitors) the RHF and KOSB did

Field Officers (Maj and above) of all Line Infantry regiments wear spurs in mess dress, as they would of been mounted on horses in days of old. Check out the RS now Royal Scots Borders 1st Bn Royal Regiment of Scotland (1Scots).
No, in the Infantry only Adjutants and Field Officers do, at least at Regimental Duty anyway. Perhaps different rules for Equerries and ADCs at ERE though.

Jesus, I'm even boring myself. Sorry.

SCOTS Officers no longer wear spurs - its all about etablishing a lowest common denominator.

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