Did Ronald Reagan win the war?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mr Happy, Mar 10, 2005.

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  1. Yessiree, single handedly outspending the Kremlin was a stroke of genuis

  2. No way, his foreign policy was based on madness and we were lucky not to get the 4minute warning bel

  3. I have no recollection of that Senator

  1. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    So, the author Tom Clancy dedicated one of his books to Ronald Reagan - "the man that won the war". Did President Reagan single handedly spot the cold war weak point in Russia and out spend their treasury forcing them to the negotiating table and withdrawing their iron bear paw from the Soviet satellite states allowing a new era of peace and prosperity across Europe or was he simply running a government on behalf of US mega corporations to make big bucks from US tax payers?

  2. In short, yes, and I used to believe that this was a good thing, but am now not so sure. The so called "peace dividend" hasnt really paid off the way we thought it might. I for one, miss the good old USSR/Warsaw pact, things were simpler then.
  3. X-Inf

    X-Inf War Hero Book Reviewer

    B ugger, I thought I would be the only one to vote yes :cry:

    Mind you the true version was Spitting Image - 'The President's Brain is missing'.
  4. Ah! ze old days. How we laughed during Crusader 80 and Lionheart 84.
  5. Crusader!! You've just reminded me! Stuck for a week cammed up under a cherry tree reading rubbish books. Those were the days!!?
  6. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Digging in across the Fulda gap ahhh, those were the days (or was it slightly forward of that Benjimenw1 :wink: )
  7. Yes, but stuff like the Kirkpatrick Doctrine - propping up any regime, no matter how vile, as long as they weren't communists - was pretty unpleasant work...
  8. With regard to Central/South America, it was worthwhile propping up vile fascistic dictatorships, since they were not communist satellite states which could have been aggressive in the US's back yard. The difference to the quality of life of the populations between the two evil types of dictatorship is minimal, so a simple utilitarian argument applies.
  9. You might think that, I couldn't possibly comment.

    I did take a wrong turning with a landrover and just avoided being squashed by cloggie leopards at full tilt.
  10. He could not have "won" the Cold War because it never really ended.

    "New Lies For Old" by Anatoli Golitsyn

    We are speaking of a country which contributed the terms "Potemkin village" and "disinformation" to our language.

    The Russian government is discarding the paraphernalia of a sham republic. The national government is taking over the big industries, the mass media and the appointment of regional governors.

    The US government is supplying what the Russian government likely perceives as a steady stream of provocations:

    ** Integration of former Warsaw Pact members into NATO.

    ** Apparent attempts to gain control of oil and gas in the Caspian basin.

    ** Covert manipulation of the Ukrainian election.

    ** US forces in Georgia, Kazakhstan, and Azerbaijan.

    ** War with Yugoslavia.

    I expect that, before too much longer, the Cold War is going to get hot.

    "Did Ronald Reagan win the war?" We should be so lucky. The festivities have barely gotten started.
  11. The Soviet Union is dead, Russia's economy is in the toilet, as is the military and few of the independent states formed from the former USSR would ever accept it being reformed. The great communist menace is no more. Deal with it.

    Then you might be able to look round and see where the real threats are, instead of looking back nostalgically to the Cold War. Reagan, for all his faults, saw clearly that the way to end it was to outspend them. That he did, and I for one am grateful.
  12. That's partly because the efforts that have been put into making China what is today, through "most favoured trading nation status", the set up of Industry from the West, etc, should have gone to Russia and former Soviet Union nations instead.

    All we have done is make the former Soviet Union countries desperate, and made the Communist regime of China very wealthy.
  13. Rising prices of oil and precious metals have buoyed their recently moribund economy and swollen their hard currency reserves. The ruble, once mentioned only with a snigger, has risen against the dollar and they are now pegging it to a currency market basket, instead of just the dollar.

    They have the most advanced fleet of intercontinental ballistic missiles on the planet.

    They have a large, well-articulated civil defense and bomb shelter system.

    The air and missile defenses of the capital are rumored to be the best on the planet.

    They have constructed what amounts to a subterranean city beneath Yamantau Mountain in the Urals.

    They have the world's most sophisticated, deadly supersonic, nuclear-capable anti-shipping cruise missiles.

    On the other hand, they no longer have Estonia or Poland.
  14. Don't knock it until you've tried it,boy!!!!
  15. Have you been there? Have you seen the state of this country?
    So what if they have the deadliest this and the deadliest that! They can't afford to pay the men with the fingers on the buttons. They may have a city under a mountain but they can't afford to turn the lights on there. The civil and govt. shelters are the underground metro system.
    whilst we're at it, the precious metals and oil, well, they "belong" to either the "mafia" or the guys who jumped in at Yelsin's "Let's sell the country off" jamboree. One of my clients owns a platinum mine amongst other things. I lived and worked there and have family there. the place is a total and utter wreck. Putin plays hard ball but they couldn't fight their way out of a paper bag. Not because they're militarily incapable but corruption at all levels keeps them far more occupied than looking at the West as bad guys. We have some dollars, invest! Most people I know still snigger about the rubl'