Did Prince Philip let one rip on the Buck House balcony

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by MrPVRd, Jun 18, 2006.

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  1. [​IMG]

    He looks like he is enjoying the taste, unlike Harry!

    Uncouth matelots for you - farting on parade! :wink:


  2. Can he actually control it though?

    At 85 the plumbings a bit rusty...
  3. Thats why there laughing, he's only gone and followed threw. bless his crazy greek royal highnessyness
  4. twoud appear that HRH the Duke let loose a Royal Fanfare of his own with a Trumpet Voluntary on the balcony.. sort of a scratch and sniff accolade to the occasion...
  5. Yup, Judging by the boy's expression Grandad let one go. Even the band heard it.

    Could have waited for the flypast to cover the noise.

    BTW -

    Some years back, Soveriegns Parade rehearsal at Sandhurst.

    The Adjutant is sat on his horse out the front and the horse lets rip a mighty fart that echoed across Old College Square and a noxious cloud drifted over the officer cadets. An African cadet fainted.

    The Adjutant stands up in his saddle, turns around to the company behind and says "Sorry about that".

    A CSGT slams his feet in and quick as flash comes back;
    "That's quite alright, Sir, we thought it was the horse."
  6. Classic.............
  7. A man walks into a pub with a pig under his arm........
  8. Well, as a Grenadier he is surely entitled to loose the last round of the Feu de Joie - hope he was using blanks.

    Talking of the FdJ - the commentator said that HM had never been present for one before, but wasn't there one at the RHA200, fired on a couple of dozen field guns?. Can any gun bunnies confirm?. God those rehearsals were exciting.