Did Prince Andrew Get The Same Treatment In The Falklands?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by filthyphil, Feb 5, 2006.

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  1. I heard he did
  2. Really? Where?
  3. Heard it off some guy. Can't remember where.

    Why, did you hear it as well?????
  4. I read about it somewhere.
  5. I've heard about it a few times.
  6. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    Apparently so. Isn't there something about this somewhere?
  7. Careful! Loose lips sink ships,you know?
  8. Was flying in a Gazelle from West to East Flakland in '85, bimbling along, minding my own business and watching the fuel guage running down, when some tw*t in a Navy Lynx appeared out of the sun, 'dagga-dagga-dagga' over the radio. Didn't have the fuel to join in, told him to sod off but he wouldn't take the hint.

    Anyways, made it into GG for fuel, guess who lands at the next spot - some gurning fish-head with a scruffy beard. Wandered over to put my point-of-view over, opened his door, reached in to assist his removal from the cab, when his bodyguard caught my attention. Would have been fun at the subsequent CM, I suppose.

    BTW, missed the opening of the thread prior to its amendment - interesting, was it? Or just more stories about Exocet decoys
  9. "watching the fuel guage running down"
    Werry Fashonable from my memory. Took off in a Fuly loaded Gaz wrong side of water from GG and crossed to refuel. The cab had landed with red light well and truely on before we squeeezed onboard.
    Andy generaly had a good rep among the troops. He came back on a return tour and I had photos of him waving to us on a Navy Boat we had a jolly on.
    Don't know if you remembered the Navy Chief BT, we had at Detters at this time, he had ben at 'Yovil' when both Andy and his big brother had gone through training, said one was a Gentleman and the other wasn't.
  10. He must have. I've seen it on two threads now.

  11. I understand that he had a team hanging from the bottom of his Sea King on ropes - there was an homage to this in a well known documentary 'Who Dares Wins'.
  12. I've had that as well after an exercise. A few wet wipes fixed it for me!