Did not qualify for OP TOSCA medal

Discussion in 'Medals' started by damien437, Nov 6, 2012.

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  1. hi all,

    i was recently on op tosca but came back early for compassionate reasons and i was told that i do not qualify for the medal as i was 12 days short. asking around my admin people in the regiment they have told me that i still get the medal as i came home for compassionate leave and they are not to take them days away from my tour as on of the jsp states it (in line with Casvac). so does any one know if this is true because if so i have qualified by 2 days as tosca you have to serve 90 days.

  2. Never mind all that, where's our ******* UN pay we were promised?

    Good luck with that one Ducky ;)
  3. Op TOSCA doesn't count anyway, does it?

    How is 29 Regt these days?
  4. 90 days?

    I spent 4745 days on Operation Defence of the Rhine. Where's my NDM?
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  5. As far as I know you serve 90 days, bust.

    I know there are exceptions for reduced service in JSP 761 but these are for if qualifying service is brought to an end before the completion of the specified qualifying period on account of death, wounding or other disability due to operational service. They also seem to be for British medals. The UN appear to make no such exemption I can see.

    Compassionate doesn't seem to figure - the way I read it, you'd have to do another 90 days, but you may want to take it up with the Medal Office directly:

    From JSP 761

  6. Didn't you get your yellow handbag through the post???
  7. I may have done...
  8. Thats a bit tight really...I heard of a Crab who got a tosca AND a Granby gong on the same tour.
  9. Bloody Posties must have nicked it!!!! Hic! ;-)
  10. To the OP. I think you're going to have to file this one under 'U' for unlucky.
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  11. or 'E' for Ebay.
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  12. I miss out on my ACSM by 6 days, because I got blown up. If I'd been smegged a week later I'd have received it.

    Shit happens, it's not the end of the world.
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  13. Small mercies Dingerr, you could have been stung for an extortianate court mounting bill.
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  14. You always look on the Bright side BH
  15. F*cken hell, you go on holiday for a while and also expect a medal!