Did Newsnight cut Arrse out of Sir Tim Gardens comments?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, May 18, 2004.

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  1. Just watched Newsnight, over the story that Buff has cut the Service PR Chiefs.

    Part of the supposition, is that now only one press dept deals with Tri-Service Press releases, controlled of course , by the Hoon.

    Sir Tim was interviewed, and said "Of course, it won't stop the Services from finding a way to get their part of the story told, they have friends, family and of course, nowadays, they are even on Websites , at which point he started to laugh . This was followed by a very clumsy edit/merge.

    Yes I know it was fanciful, but I just like to think that Sir Tim had Arrse on his lips (Stop snickering at the back) .

    I wonder if we can get an Arrse mug on Sir Tim's desk, seeing as he is a media darling and all?
  2. tgarden

    tgarden RIP

    I was thinking of both ARRSE and pprune. However, I look forward to receiving the mug from PTP.
  3. 8O

    Errrrrr Mug is on it's way as soon as we can stop arguing over a suitable design! Arrse heraldic on one side, suitable inscription on the other.

    Many thanks for the link, will find a way to reciprocate.

    Stop looking so damn smug ViroBono , CH and M2 :D
  4. 3 cheers for Sir Tim - Hero of Arrse!! :D
  5. Hoorah!
  6. Why only 2 cheers?

    Go on

    Hip Hip
  7. DL, a song please......................................
  8. For he's a jolly good fellow, for he's a jolly good fellow, for he's a jolly good feeellloooww and so say all of us!
  9. FF, you bistard! You bet me to it :evil:
  10. Mmwah, mmwah 8)
  11. Smug? Moi? :mrgreen:

    <exits sideways....>