did my selection, and i past!!!!!! whooo whoo...........

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by bikerchic, Dec 14, 2008.

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  1. hi all, well its the day after my selection at maindy barracks, and i wanted to let you know that i past, fitness test and every thing... i was so happy with my time for the run aswell.. and i must say i had so much support from all there... it was the best ever, now i know the hard work starts right now.... and im lookin forward to it.... wow.. im still buzzin, and i must say im aching abit... bu still have a smile on my face.....

    :D :D :D
  2. Good for youlove, what you think of Maindy.?
  3. food was pants... but it was a really nice place, guys there were just great... loved every min of it.....

    but im hurtin today....lol
  4. Congrats on the pass!

    Good luck on your next little adventure!

  5. Well done, welcome to the club...you'll have some fabby times, some crappy times but it will be with you always, enjoy it, you've earned it :D :D
  6. Well done - did you go in the Roath for a beer ?
  7. well done on getting though selection.... i'm still waitin for a medical to rejoin, have u got basic next, if you liked what you have seen already ur in for a treat... next years gona be fun... well done...
  8. The Roath is miles away it's THE HEATH that is over the road.
  9. And seeing all the staff drink in there, I would suggest it might be somewhere to avoid :twisted:
  10. I drink in there
  11. So do I :twisted:
  12. I Live in CF14 Mynachdy
  13. Lucky for me, I only commute there :D
  14. Ah well was driving past at the time navigating to Ty Glas :) :frustrated:
  15. Is this the start of the ARRSE chapter South Wales