Did my interview go badly

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by owz88, Jan 14, 2009.

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  1. I had my dog handler interview and they didn't really ask me much about the job. All they wanted to know was why I got kicked out of home at such a young age and why I have done lots of job in my time( I am 20). The thing is I am a dog trainerr any way I taught puppy and dog training classes and train lots of it own. As for the job a now the whole 200 years history of the reg and every thing that the job entails. But they never gave me the chance to show it. Does that's sound bad. Sorry if a wrote this badly I'm on a iPhone and it's a nightmare to write properly.
  2. they wonder why y have had so many jobs, possibly a lack of commitment.

    They will want to know about your home life stability etc, making sure you won't aren't an admin case before you join. Also if joining the army may cause further dissent between you and your parents, ie r u joining just to miff them off?
  3. If your thread starting ability is in anyway indicative of your general attention to detail then, yes, it probably went badly.

  4. My answers were that I left home coz I was a inderpendant person from a young age and I wanted to start my life. As for the job I said I come from a place I'm Cornwall where jobs a seasonal and I have to trades (plasterer and blacksmith) and that I didn't carry on with them coz one went bust and the other I moved and couldn't get in to another forge. As for being a soldier first I was in the cadets for years and wanted to be in the infantry untill I looked further in to it.
  5. Thanks ... although that is an answer to some of the points I raised on your other thread.
  6. Sorry I wrote it twice and wrote it badly I'm on a I phone.
  7. if you are a blacksmith join the RAC go cav, u will make a killing in polo season
  8. I would but I ever wanted to do was work with dogs
  9. isnt the selection for dog handler pretty hard....like dont they have like 200 applicants an 2 get in something ridiculas like that
  10. maybe he didnt ask much cos he didnt know much about it.....i remember the carreers office sgt being clueless about the engineers
  11. You cant seriously expect people on here to tell you how YOUR interview went, what does their opinion matter? It isn't going to change anything apart from maybe re-assure you ? Annoying to keep seeing posts like this from people wanting to be made to feel better. my 2 cents :)
  12. I know it's badly wrote but I am on a iPhone. I had the interview with the ravc and that's the only reg I want to join. I hve worked with problem dogs for 3 years now so I am fully commuted and have the scars to prove it.
  13. wait out then
  14. so u know its bad, we now know it went badly, your point?

    as its been said b 4 your interview or do you want a there, there, there and a hug?

    get over it and be thankful that the army accepts you, joining to wnak dogs off, gr8 :roll:
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