Did my interview go badly

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I had my dog handler interview and they didn't really ask me much about the job. All they wanted to know was why I got kicked out of home at such a young age and why I have done lots of job in my time( I am 20). The thing is I am a dog trainerr any way I taught puppy and dog training classes and train lots of it own. As for the dog a now the whole 200 years history of the reg and every thing that the dog entails. But they never gave me the chance to show it. Does that's sound bad.
Did you let your dog write that?

They are interested in your history, not the units history. They probably asked you about all the jobs you've done to see if it indicates a lack of commitment.
You've told us the questions they asked you but not the answers you gave.

Hard to say how well it went if you don't share the details.

They want to know if you can be a soldier first, not a dog handler. If you aren't interested in the first role you've got no chance of having a crack at the second.
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