Did Littlejohn just call Mandy a paedo?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by trickywoo, Oct 24, 2008.

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  1. Good Greebling,

    I bow to nobody in my admiration for the genius wit that is Littlejohn. Here, surely, is a man with his finger on the very pulse of Surrey living, Rover 75 driving, 2nd class ticket holding, swivel-eyed neo-fascistic tosspottery. This morning, however, I feel he has gone too far in his ever hilarious Poirot skit...

    "You seem to know an awful lot about me, Poirot. Have we met before?"

    "Indeed, we have, Lord Mandelay. I was a guest at the ambassador's residence in Bruxelles when you were living in the Rue des Jeunes Garcons. Perhaps you don't remember being introduced to me. "

    Now, I'm as happy a francophone as the next garlic fancier and it's clear that in this case the Johnster is saying that Mandy lived on the Avenue of Young Boys. Not ‘Young Men’. Is there dirty work afoot? I think we should be told!

    Moniseur Dickie

  2. Conflation of homosexuals with paedophiles is pretty common, n'est ce pas? Or it could just be that Litlebrain's French is as mauvais as mine :)
  3. I lived in Brussels for 3 years, and Littlejohn really didn't have to make up a street name when there are already several suitable real-life alternatives - all of which lend themselves to a passable amount of fnaaring: Impasse des Matelots, a Square de Pede, a Rue de Nancy and a Rue Pierre de C ock.
  4. Mandy's a big boy who can look after himself. If you doubt this, have a word with George Osborne.

    I suspect Littlejohn's a subscriber to Private Eye. They frequently referred to Mandelson living in 'Rue des Matelots' (b@stards - there's no truth in those rumours).

    All this started about 9 years ago. Remember Operation Ore? The American police raided premises being used to run a web site serving kiddie porn. They recovered credit card numbers of the site's subscribers. 7,300 of the subscribers were British.

    A number of prominent figures were among the British subscribers. Pete Townsend was perhaps the most prominent. IIRC, the Royal Navy officer commanding Gibraltar killed himself as the police were closing in.

    In 2003, the Guardian published a story claiming that two, unnamed, 'former Labour ministers' were under investigation by Operation Ore link

    Similar stories appeared in other newspapers. People made their own assumptions about who these former ministers were. Guess whose name appeared most frequently in the conspiracy theories?

    The conspiracy industry went into overdrive. There were rumours that a D-notice had been issued; that the police had their arms twisted to stop the investigation; that there were links with the Dunblane massacre.

    Could any of this be true? Could the right wing press be trying to smear Mandelson? Could Elvis be alive and serving up guacamole in a chip shop in Hartlepool? The people in the know are saying 'who knows?'
  5. msr

    msr LE

  6. I will tell you what is true...the job was pulled at the highest level this end.

    'Former' ministers?Depends who you listen to,I know a guy who was on it and what he has told me is disturbing to say the least.
  7. msr

    msr LE

    Presumably because they realised their evidence was non-existent?

  8. Exactly.

    Mind you, stories about right wing journos who get their sons plum jobs spinning for the Tory party, may yield slightly more ....
  9. Again it depends who you listen to.

    The rumours about the whole thing are the stuff of a tin foil hat wearer's wet dream.
  10. msr

    msr LE

    I'd go for cock-up over conspiracy this time: very few people were prosecuted in the US over this.

    Our police didn't bother to do their homework.

  11. The bottom line here (pun intended) is that conspiracy or not, Dame Mandy of the monkeyhangers is a card carrying shirt lifter who has been forced to resign from the gubment TWICE FFS.
    He has not been voted for by the electorate (a bit like cyclops) and he doesn't hold a constituancy in Britain.......and yet he is a cabinet minister in our gubment!
    How much more of this do we have to put up with?
    The sooner this current shower of shite are voted into oblivion, the better..........

    ....and breathe.
  12. I'm no fan of Mandie, but to be fair there is a fair history of non-MPs having cabinet posts...

    e.g. Digby Jones, Lord West etc...

    I don't think Mandie will be in post for long to be honest...
  13. Don't get on the outrage bus yet. The PM can appoint almost anybody he wants to cabinet.

    Harold Wilson appointed Frank Cousins to the cabinet in 1964. Before, during and after his ministerial gig, Frank was the leader of the Transport and General Workers Union.

    We could see this again as the public sector unions seek to humiliate Gordon over sub-inflation pay rises offered to their members. Greater political power for the unions is reported to be on the 'shopping list' presented to Gordon in return for a union bailout of New Labour.

    Strikes are scheduled to start next month. Gordon has no spare cash to make an improved offer. The printing presses at the Royal Mint are running at full capacity to 'pay for' the bank bailout. The unions provide over 90% of Labour's funding and they're keen to flex their muscles before the change of government.

    If you were over the age of 5 in 1979, you'll remember what happens next.
  14. msr

    msr LE

    Priceless! :D
  15. Indeed! :D

    Im just glad I am in a recession proof line of work.

    I was too young to see the impact of socialism back then,I can only imagine how hard our 'softer' society is going to feel the backlash.

    Would those who went through the winter of discontent say that it is history repeating itself?

    Oh and back O/T apparently the mail has more dirt on Lord Mandy,it is coming out tomorrow.IMHO the sooner the poisonous little cocksucker is out of the picture the better.