Did Josh Lewsey ever join the Gunners?

They say he finished Sandhurst, but that when they said he had to travel to Germany he couldn't, cos he had to play Rugby. then the Gunners got all antsy and Josh upped and left.

So whats the truth?


Josh Lewsey left halfway through his YOs' course. He decided that he could not fully commit to the Army and play for England.
And that is end of story.


I was the Gunner Rugby Capt at the time and can say he was at Larkhill for his YO's but didn't get any further as said before, he was more in to playing for Engalnd at the time (dont blame him) and couldn't do both, The question has to be asked why?

Mat Stewart (PWRR- 32 Caps for Scotland) did it (and is still in the Army) and so did others in the past, Will Carling, Tim Rodber, Rob Wainright....

We still have a member of the Army (Royal Welsh Fusiliers) playing for Northampton Saints - Chris Budgen So how has he been able to do both?

I think; someone changed the goal posts and he was pushed into a corner and chose to leave to play for Wasps / England.

Does anyone have the truth on this? is he not a member himself on this site?
I think that it was probably the intensity of his training and his contractural obloigations to wasps. It is ashame - i wonder how much pressure was put on him to "do this -do that" and " be here at/on". I had heard that there was a degree of inflexibilty shown, which was when he realised that he simply could not give 100% to both career paths. Given that oppurtunity I am not sure that Latrkhill would have held much to enthrall me!

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