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Did I miss a trick?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Carlos_Sanchez_IX, Sep 13, 2012.

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  1. Been to London today, quick round trip in one day, lovely.

    I don't mind, I fork out for first class for a bit of leg room and the free brews so that's good.

    Going back today we stopped at Grantham, I was halfway to snooze-ville when the conductor trooped in and stuck 2 Tankies in rig in the spare seats across from me. It's not this that bothered me (much) but where does it end?

    They've got wristbands, t shirts, community events, fat old men in oddly shaped lids rattling tins in shopping centres, bumper stickers, subsidised rail travel, public adulation, campaigns for free stuff, campaigns for sticking ex squaddies at the front of the Housing List, all that and a decent wage considering how much down time they get.

    Its a job, simple, granted its a job that's a bit lairy but fuck me where do you draw the line?
  2. The lads and lasses should milk it while they can - the feelgood factor won't last much beyond 2014. It beats the Forces Discount Brochure, which was the sum total of "support" in my day. Good luck to them I say.
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  3. Damn their blood, Was it that they interrupted the snooze or that they were tankies and were leaving oil stains on the upholstery?
    Personally I think it was a nice gesture.
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  4. Bollocks, I work hard to travel more comfortably, I should have been asked at least if it was ok, it's why people like me pay extra.

    I had to sit in the walkways with a carrier bag full of Stella in my day.
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  5. What utter shite. They weren't (I presume) doing anything to upset you other than sitting in the same carriage. It's irrelevant if they paid or not.

    If it's going to wind you up more, a number of times I've been invited through to first class when showing my MOD rail card in cattle class. Result!

    Also, there's been many occasions I've travelled in first class having paid a lot less than a standard fare. Advance tickets are a wonder. Maybe you should be upset at people who snap those up too?
  6. Like I said, it's a job, nothing more. I can name more worthy professions that deserve a posh seat.
  7. Couldn't agree more. Where would we be without fluffers.
  8. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Bollocks. You have had the good fortune never to have been seated anywhere near a quiet elderly gentleman in a Jasper Littman suit, a Thomas Pink shirt and a pair of Loakes wearing specs and reading a big book.

    This is why your teeth are still at the front of your head and not poking out beneath your greasy hair at the back of your neck. Now, fuck off quietly before I summon the Train Manager and have you hoyed out into the bushes. Fucking cheapskate. Welshman. Deadbeat.
  9. I'd have been fucking outraged, would have been forced to finish my lines of charlie in the bogs instead of hidden under the Times on a nice clean table
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  10. Let's face it, it's the train and you're all cattle so you've no right to whinge.

    Get a private helicopter in future cheap cunt!
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  11. Be grateful they were merely Tankies, in Grantham you could have had a whole horde of Loggie TAs decend upon ye.

    They don't know they're born nowadays, in my day being a squaddie was one step down from being a child molester.
  12. I did get seated next to somebody matching that description, actually. Unfortunately for me he was clearly well past it, had fallen asleep, was snoring loudly and quite clearly had either shat himself or had very bad personal hygiene. Maybe you should wipe when you are done...

    Oh, and Welshman? I've never been so fucking insulted.
  13. It's not a question of 'deserved', it's a question of getting it offered.

    Ah, sorry, NAFFI Bar - cunt.
  14. I get more pissed off by the amount of families that use 1st class and let the brats run around screaming.
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  15. You do know where you are, don't you?