Did he lose them down the back of the sofa?

The Home Secretary said
It is a massive issue and it's true to say with the vast growth of foreign national prisoners we took our eye off the ball.
Bearing in mind this took place between 1999 and 2006, I hope he doesn't have David Blunket in mind when he says we took our eye off the ball. That wouldn't be very fair on poor David now, would it? :wink:
Next excuse:

If we all had ID cards, this wouldn't have happened.

What a useless sack of fecal matter. He is an incompetent embarrassment hell-bent on criminalising the innocent and letting the guilty run riot.
And of course it's not a resigning issue, after all it's only murderers, rapists and the like he's allowed to stay in this country.

What's the betting they all qualify for nationalisation as well, plus housing benefits and all the trimmings!

How can this be anything but a resignation issue for goodness sake? It makes the NHS look positively healthy!

Anyone know the 1,023 days of Christmas?

On the nth day of Christmas Charles Clarke he let go free:
3 murderers
9 rapists
5 convicted of sex offences on children
7 convicted of other sex offences
57 convicted for violent offences
2 manslaughter
41 burglars
20 drug importers
54 convicted of assault
27 convicted of indecent assault
and government that looked weak and shaky!

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