Did he help kill OBL? Maybe. Maybe not, why did they post/speculate about him?Morons.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by redshift, Dec 20, 2011.

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  1. Might as well have painted a big red bullsye sign on poor schmuck, put a hit out on the guy. Yeah, I know that the actual chances of someone getting a chance to harm him might not be too high, but why?

    Is This the Guy Who Killed Bin Laden?

    Yes, I know it's the internet and everything, but personally identifying people in sensitive cases is just idiotic. Speculation or not. But again, what do I know?

    Also, everyone knows that it was this guy who actually popped OBL:

  2. The bloke that killed OBL was a member of a US Navy SEAL team. Not a collar and tie wearing CIA spook.

    The chap in the article, with all the red arrows aimed at his head, probably doesn't give a flying F, about having his picture taken. I would have thought that he can handle himself, and has all the back up necessary if things go tits up.

    Which they won't, despite the efforts of a tin foil website suggesting otherwise.

    Are you related in any way to Ron Angel?
  3. Redshift, it's a good job Chuck is so awesome, cos your Opsec sucks.
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  4. I can assure you,that guy was not there.
  5. ;P

  6. No one is saying he was there, just that his INT could had led to the strike to off OBL.
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  7. I said he was in Pakistan years ago! Does that mean Im a marked man also?
  8. You tell 'em. It was just you and I and we are not letting anyone else hog our glory!
  9. ehwhat

    ehwhat Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Oh good heavens. This should be in the NAAFI or an opportunity for the waltencommando not INT.

    Rag of the Day, "You have been identified to me as ONE IN the KNOW, do you have a comment?"

    OIK, "No Comment, (wink wink)"

    Article follows, "A reliable source has confirmed..." and proves ultimate worth by wrapping chips.
  10. He looks like a right smug ****.
  11. I love the irony of this thread. I had no idea he existed until you posted the link. Tell me, are you paid by the click, or just by the ISI?

  12. And neither was Chuck Norris. He was in the Thomas Cook Hospital in M'boro that night. Next time the **** tries dodging his taxi fare, he'll be there all week.
  13. We've said too much already.
    Will you be available in mid January for the book signings and television interviews?
  14. The ISI? Dunno what you mean.
  15. Only if I have worked out how to pixelate my face between now and then.