Did Haye tell Harrison to take a dive?

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Ritch, Nov 16, 2010.

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  1. RiflemanTom

    RiflemanTom Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    I don't think he needed to. Harrison isn't in the same league. The whole thing was just a big pay day.
  2. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    Yep - he said "I'm going to hit you extremely hard around your head a number of times. When you get this buzzing noise in your ears and the world starts to go dark, you fall over".

  3. It was a gash fight, and a waste of £15 IMO. I wouldn't be surprised if Harrison bet on himself to be out in the 3rd, then let the punches land.

    He was always going to lose, so why not make some cash off the back of it.
  4. Wot PA said.

    Also, how good was that lip reader? Can do it when someone's got a gum shield in? Piffle.
  5. I've just Googled The Sun sports page and there is now no mention of it....twats.

    As a matter of principle, I instantly dismiss that type of bollocks from this rag.

    The plain fact of the matter is that Harrison has never been really good enough, FFS he was beaten whilst in the US by a no mark, how he even was entitled to this shot is beyond belief. He was ******* dismantled and only landed one punch himself. The guy is a canvas back.

    This is an extract from Sun Sport.

    :Harrison was dropped by a whirlwind of 33 Haye punches in the third then rose to take another seven unanswered blows before the ref stopped it.
  6. If I agreed to take a dive in a fight I certainly wouldn't expect to be smacked in the chops as hard as Haye hit Harrison with that first right hand that began Fraudley's demise.

    The trouble with being a boxer walt is that every now and then you are going to be properly mullered by a real one, like Hay. Harrison is a bright bloke and having landed his Olympic medal reckoned he was big enough to get in and out of the pro game without being maimed.

    But you could see Harrison was shitting himself even before the start thinking 'Christ this is going to hurt, I might not get away with this one'.

    He knows he should never have even have been in the Olympic boxing final, he was behind on points in the semis when his Russian opponent lost the plot and landed three low blows in a row, so had sufficient points deducted to hand the win over to Fraudley.

    The sport will be vastly improved without him.
  7. Seconded. Harrison did'nt take a dive, he was just totally out-classed from the beginning of the "fight" and bottled it as soon as he realised this. About 15 seconds into Round 1.
  8. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    leave Harrison alone .... he is harmless .. I 'll get me coat
  9. Basically, it's simply a result of climate change.....

    If a butterfly flaps it's wings in China, then somewhere, on the other side of the world, Audley Harrison gets knocked out.