Did Blair cave in?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by W.Anchor, Dec 17, 2005.

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  1. Once I watched Tony Blair cave in the EU after all his promises not to, he caved in on the human rights, over the military and every thing else that he has ever tried negotiate. I wonder just how much more of this country he intends to give away just to prove the HE is a good European. Also I wonder just what extra taxes we will have to pay just because he can't say NO. France and every one else seems to be able to fight their corner, so then why can't we. I don't think Tony Blair has ever secured one single agreement in Britain's favour ever since he has been Prime Minister and the sooner he goes the better.
  2. Exactly , and what are YOU going to do about it ?
  3. Assassination is out, so it is another four years to the election
  4. I note that of late he has taken to responding to criticism is to adopt a 'parent looking at child' look, and say "well, sometimes I have to make difficult decisions." he doesn't seem to see is that it's precisely because he isn't making difficult decisions, and following them through, that is the problem.
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  6. Saw him on Sky News Australia about 8 hrs ago announcing how he had given up a Billion Euros per yer to secure some deal. The look on his face was amazing, like the cat that got the cream. He clearly felt that he had delivered the best deal for the free world ever. A totally smug bast*rd.
  7. After this, Tony Blair goes to the very top of my list of people I want to play poker against, for money! Jean Crapaud however goes down the list as does the Weisse Angela! Gordon Brown remains top of my list of faces you could never get bored of kicking.
  8. I would have thought that this thread would be 5 pages long by now or are we all just resolved to the fact that Bliar is a cnut who will fcuk this nation over in his blind persuit of the European Presidency. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

    Did I just anwer my own question??? :roll:
  9. For a nation we are pathetic at protesting against our own government, if the situation was reversed the French farmers etc would have marched on Paris to prevent Chirac selling out the French; what do we do....nothing. I know a lot of friends who are baling out this country because of high taxes and the cost of living which is only going to get worse. Look at the proposed council nazis snooping around your house for council tax reasons. And if you think its bad under Blair wait until old Gordon Brown gets in Mr wealth distribution himself. Saw in the paper the other day 1.3% of GDP is spent on defence over 9% on overseas aid which is 3% more than education and health, does anyone know where that money goes? On the other hand most people accept that what the government promise (i'm sure Blair stated during the election that the rebate was not negotiable) and deliver are different.
  10. I think you should have a closer look at the facts. Though it may look like the rebate has taken a whack by losing 20% of the money we would gain over 7 years, in fact we're not that worse off. For a start, EU Payments from us will increase by 63% to £42bn, while French contributions will rise by 116% and those of Italy by 130%. So, though we're getting a lower percentage of rebate from the total, the amount going into the EU means the rebate remained on all other expenditure and would rise, not fall, due to an overall spending increase for the budget from 2007 to 2013

    So, fact check everyone?

    Edited to add: It's probably the poor choice of title for the thread that isn't attracting a lot of contributions!
  11. Sorry Tony, didn't realise you were on here using a different guise!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  12. I am gradually becoming convinced that Blair is in fact French...
  13. Blair was always going to sell us out, he wants the European president job when it becomes full time, this was his way of getting it. The sooner we force a referendum on Europe, the sooner we can withdraw and sack the Mandlesons, Kinnocks, Blairs etc and all the other pigs with their snouts in the trough. We are living in a dictatorship in which we can now be prosecuted for breaking Laws not passed by elected officials. Non Elected foreign bodies now rule our nation. The question is.... what are we going to do about it?
  14. I'm not Tony, my name is Gordon!