Did Argentina drop napalm on there own dead??

Ahhh OK. He certainly seemed to "talk the talk" so I just presumed he was the real deal.
He may well be genuine, but the timing of appearance/disappearance does raise an eyebrow, so to speak..


Quite possibly because there was a concurrent thread on the 'Once a marine...' forum where he (Mark Gibbs) is also active. He probably popped in to clarify a few bits and then thought better of hanging around when it turned into an even worse sh1t storm. I can't say I blame him.
Funny thing that, on his Twitter he pretends to be someone else and talks in the third person. Utterly bizarre. https://twitter.com/firstfalklands
I believe this technique is as old as the interweb itself , In fact there was a legendary Walt called Mike Golden who used a defunct social media platform to post stuff like "WE iz a coupl of girls and we anrt to say your a really fit geeza innit" and "Fahk me I saw what you did to those two hard blokes down the club bruv , how many stiches did they get bruv . Don't worry 2 parra are behind you bruv innit" so Ricky is in good company bruv innit

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