Did anyone see C4 last night

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Jun 3, 2003.

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  1. .and that documentary following the American soldiers as they fought there way to Baghdad?
  2. nope.  was it any good??
  3. The final attack raised an eyebrow - Loads of ammo expended but there was nobody home.....

    Still, better than a last ditch defence by Red team
  4. Caught the last half hour. Thought the remark by one of them about "this is how we build empires!" was illuminating.
  5. I caught a trailor for something about the fighting from the soldier's persepctive with a female NCO/officer from the RMP rifting one of her NCOs about something and she almost lost it, not a good image to project I would say. I didn't see enough of it to know what channel/day/time it was on though.
  6. watched it "virgin soldiers" very interesting about the realities of war 90% boredom 10% action
  7. Yes, seemed a little worrying, they were saying 'we thought we were in a firefight, but actually we wernt, we just blatted off 3 squillion rounds at a random building'  :eek:
  8. Yeah, its on C$ (sorry, 4) tommorow night at around the same I think. And no, she didn't look good. Obviously trying to organise the search party for her rattle.  ;D
  9. Nads P - once a drama queen...

    She would have loved the limelight.

    G ;D
  10. Glued to the final battle.  Lots of shooting, swearing, explosions, shouting, yank tanks battling through......... and at the end, one of the marines states the barracks were deserted.  Er, what were they firing at?  I was sat on the edge of my seat watching this fire fight unfold, expecting to see men going down and prisoners being taken, and then suddenly 'oh, the barracks are empty'.  Trigger Happy TV ?
  11. So the Yanks haven't changed much since the War of Independence, fire off 10,000 rds, covering a 90degree angle in front before moving forward, regardless of whether there's anybody out there or not!  ;D
  12. Of course, they did win that one as well, so maybe there is something to be said for it..... ;)