Did anyone not have their teeth checked at selection?

Im due for my 2 days at ADSC soon and am very worried, i've got everything cock on in the way of fitness. However......... I was born with no enamel on my gnashers and hence they look a lot like 10/3 favorite in the grand nationals teeth. With some damaged/ missing.

Due to the absolutely useless NHS Dental service I am saving up the money to have dental implants privately within the next year. Is there any chance of the doc in the medical not checking? Or if I explain that they give me no problems and explain my situation they might turn a blind eye/ let me in?

I know that it states anyone with outstanding fillings or tooth extraction needed will be deferred but I remain hopeful......... desperate!
the rest of your teeth will get kicked out during basic anyway so dont worry.

Your teeth need to be in good order so that youre not going dental sick every 5 minutes and so that the army arent coughing up for dental treatment that it has inherited from the NHS.
Haha, yeah too right as well! I have lived with them for 20 years and like I say they don't give me any problems, nothing a quick whiskey don't sort out anyway. I'l sign a waiver from eligibilty for army dental treatment if I have to, that said i'l nosh the doctor off if he turns a blind eye for me.
Dental health is important to the Army i.e. if your teeth are in clip state you are unable to deploy, so that is why you dental health has to be shit hot. As soon as you get to the ATR (I don't think you will get a dental inspection at ADSC), if you are successful, you will go through the Dental Centre as a matter of course. The Defence Dental Service is quite good and they will sort you (hard to argue with a Lt Col dentist when he tells you sort your gob out!!).
Haha, yeah too right as well! I have lived with them for 20 years and like I say they don't give me any problems, nothing a quick whiskey don't sort out anyway. I'l sign a waiver from eligibilty for army dental treatment if I have to, that said i'l nosh the doctor off if he turns a blind eye for me.
Cheers mate, so by that time I'l have a contract in place? If so can he say oh chuffing hell they should have spotted this at your medical and boot my arrse back to mundane existence? Or let me carry on under the provision that I am getting them sorted? Thanks
Let me set your mind at rest here. Or possibly make you even more worried than you already where. :wink:

Many years ago I lost most of my teeth in a caving accident and many of the others where left in a poor state. If you think yours are bad then I can assure you they where nothing compared to the stumps I had. The accident left me prone to abscesses and all kinds as well for quite some time after. Naturally the dentists did what they could but short of fillings and removing the broken ones, there is not a lot I could do to fix the problem other than implants which cost a fortune (Around £2'000 - £3'000 per tooth if you have it done in the UK and they are not available from the NHS).

Anyway a few years later down the line I'm joining the British Army. Naturally I'm a tad worried as your required to have reasonable dental health so I enquire and I find out the following...

1. Any dental diseases or Periodontal diseases such as Gingivitis, severe tooth rot and so on will almost certainly rule you out. Likewise anything that forces you to eat specific foods or avoid certain food types because you have an inability to bite down.

2. Dental fixtures such as braces, caps, fillings, bridges, falsies and implants are generally acceptable provided they are not likely to interfere or cause problems for you but they are a potential cause for deferral or rejection if the doc feels they will cause an issue.

3. Any outstanding issues with your teeth must be resolved before you go. You can't be in a position where your being fitted for a bridge or a brace or anything like that. If anything is outstanding then wait until its completed, otherwise they will only reject/defer you anyway in 99% of cases.

4. As someone else mentioned, anything that is going to cost the army huge sums of money to fix will probably get you deferred or rejected although on this point your mileage really will vary.
In view of the above I was fine at selection because the teeth do not cause me problems and apart from the fitting of implants and a bridge in the distant future my teeth are functional and fine.

In your case, I would get down to my dentists straight away and ask him if your teeth are ok or not and if not, what else needs to be done to make them acceptable. If he says your teeth are OK and there's nothing much more than can be practically done provided you look after them then generally the army should accept you. If he says you need this, this and this then get it done before you go.

Something to note is at ASDC, it is usually a doctor that looks at your teeth, not a dentist. The first time an actual dental practitioner looks at your teeth is in phase 1. Therefore be careful to explain to the doctor about your teeth and what your dentist has said and whatever you do, do not lie. Doctors only receive a general dental training compared to a dentists and therefore what looks bad to a doctor doesn't necessarily mean it is to a dentist...or you.

Much appreciated and it has put my mind at rest!

Now i've just got to hope they don't notice my involvement in the Basque Separatist movements, my wooden leg, and the hole in my heart thats bigger than my heart.
hey i signed up after reading this..
i never had my teeth checked at ADSC but she had a look about didn't say anything.
i have alot of fillings, however never ever had anything wrong withmy teeth causing pains or mouth diseases ect, and i have a intake date of 21st april at pirbright.
so afer reading this im pretty worried..dammmm!
The check that is done at ASDC is brief and cursory and done by a doctor (And it seems some do not do it at all).

As I said before, a doctors dental training is less involved than a dentists. When he makes that cursory check, he's checking for really obvious things like gingivitis and so on which he can recognise instantly.

The dentist at phase 1 will do a more in depth check of your teeth. If you have dental problems, get them sorted before you go. It's unlikely a dentist will reject you if there is nothing more that can be done from a dental point of view and your teeth are otherwise causing you no other problems.
I wouldnt be overly concerned - you will have your check up in the first week then probably wont see a dentist till you get to your unit - by which time you'll be getting ready to deploy (they rarely stop that due to bad teeth).

Seriously now( i may not be up to date - been out a year now) but you should expect to have a check up during your first week! Explain to the dentist your concerns he/she should give you a treatment plan (remember this is week one your head will be up your arse so get them to write down what they want to do because you will forget!!). Although it is not unheard of for people to be med discharged because of their teeth it was unusual.

Dont expect to be released for treatment during your first 5 weeks other than sick parade you are just too busy. Tell your Cpl you need however many appointments ask for them to be in the quieter times like the wrvs lady's chat.

DO NOT FORGET THEY ARE YOUR TEETH - With the army at approx 60% dentally fit and half the dental corps are now civvies the others are on ops/ off sick they maybe really busy so keep popping in to ask for your appointments!! Especially when you move from ATR to Phase 2
i got deffered cos my teeth are in much the same state, ended up shelling out 500 on private treatment to get it all sorted in time

when i got to catterick they just took pictures of them and sent me on my way haha
desk_n_chair_arranger said:
Deffo no dental check at Lichfield - only in the first week of basic training, then we really get to work on you! Muah! Muah! Muah-ha-ha!
Yup, I was at Lichfield ADSC yesterday and there was no dental check for me.
I got my teeth checked at ADSC a few weeks ago, needing a filling and an extraction. I told the doctor who did my medical i had already booked in to the dentist to get it sorted and he just said 'no problem.'

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