Did anyone know Bettina?

I was wondering if anyone else was posted near Bettina the Boxhead?
Fcuk it, it's the NAAFI on Friday night. Was she was Lay-by-Lil's and Autobahn Annie's mate, in that caravan next to Wolfgang's wagon? 50 D's for all three at once, the crabs were free. They made a Bettina figurine actually.

She never acceded to a hair colour, or display of her personality.

Never Bettina the Blond or Bettina the Brunette or Bettina the Not-Very-Liberal.

Just Bettina the Boxhead.

Her personality was all we knew, and her hair dyes the variety of German ilk!
Or dip n dazzle (sennelager slag)
Minden Magda, the anally fixated slut.
Socks, the snake pit slapper, Hohne


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I was going to mention Paderborn Petra. She was a right dog.

Or was she? Did I just make up the name?


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Reminded of Tpr Smith (real name, but there a few).

He was generally known as the 17th Vestal Virgin after Procol Harum's magnum opus because, well, he was a virgin.

Then after his first time, he was forever known as Syphy.

Oops. That's his PerSec blown.

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