Did anyone just watch Frontline Battle Machines?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by SargeantToBe, Oct 30, 2010.

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  1. on the Discovery Channel? Must say, it looked rather scary but at the same time rather inspiring ... most definitely get a buzz from that.

    It's came on TV at a weird time, too - as I'm soon due to submit my application.

    (For those that didn't, the presenter Mike Brewer joined the RAF in a Chinook on a rescue operation to save 5 American and Afghan Troops who got shot ... 1 died .. and they came under heavy fire and the pilot, literally, got shot in the face and was still able to fly it back... you saw and heard it all. It was the oldest Chinook in the fleet (1960) and delivered the very first soldiers in Iraq back in 2001. To say it was old and battered would be an understatement.)
  2. Still cannot believe they are deploying using Snatch!
  3. S'not a snatch 'tis a vixen.
  4. Not much difference, both give about as much protection as a chocolate fireguard.
  5. Which is fortunate it was being used by RAF Regt, because that's about as much bother as they are likely to be in.
  6. There must be a way of turning the -Ipod Barry White thread into an us and RAF Regt battle :)
  7. Yeah, they're about as much use as the above as well
  8. I was taking the urine S-T-B-C.
    I have worked with some top notch RAF Regt, every forum turns into a slating. They have done a belting job in Kandahar securing the mortor base plate area's. Attacks will always happen, but the EF have been forced to fire from further a field.
  9. Do your research crowbag
  10. 'Bravo November' spearheaded the assault on the Al Faw peninsula, However, it goes back a lot longer than that! GOO was there (krusty old git ;))
  11. @ Sergeanttobe:

    1960? We didn't buy the CH47 until just before Op CORPORATE, you monkey. In addition, the entire Mk1 fleet was re-engineered and zero-lifed (as new!) in the early 1990s when they became Mk2's.....

    So, BN (The Survivor) having survived many different operations, is not at all 'old and battered'. And Chopper was shot in the helmet and not the face.

    So, in sum, some accurate reporting in your post mate!
  12. Didn't the pilot get a DFC? Or some such like.
  13. Apologies if you think I was attempting a slur on the crabs, I too have worked with some excellent airmen, just trying to say they're not what they believe themselves to be.
  14. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    That was a repeat, the next one is on at monday at 10pm
  15. I'm only repeating what Mike said ... watch it and you'll see.