Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by bzeebee, Jun 23, 2008.

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  1. hi everyone, new to this site but just wanted to ask what anyones' experience was if any of you out there did the selection twice. i got deferred first time round and was asked to come back after a month. it was because of fitness.
    any advice would be appreciated.
  2. Try doing a bit of jogging press up's etc before going again that may help
  3. Yeah i done it twice but not because of the physical, I had failed my TST and when I redone ity a month later got the same feckin score deeming me to be too thick to be an aircraft tech, therefore just streamed to AAC instead...

    Shud be fine mate just crack on with your fitness everyday and a little motivation and you can do it.

    What did you fail??? The run or was it something else like the jerry can?
  4. Is selection always on a weekend? Just curious because I am already milking my employer for time off
  5. No its usually in the week, I think the TA selection is at weekends though.
  6. I have selection next month again, just hoping if I pass then I will make it for a junior entry intake in August? Do you think I will make that intake, providing I pass?
  7. I failed my selection first time due to liquid in my lungs that turned out to be a flemmy cought. Second time round about 3 months later I passed. Just dont do what i did and lose motivation to train. I was running 10 minute 1.5 milers now yesterday i did a freaking 11 mins 19 seconds 1.5 er :\ Got a week till i start my training too.

    Just get stuck in, show that you can interact with your group and be polite, not getting into shit in the morning over your bedding would probably be the best bet unless you like doing pushup planks at 5 30am.
  8. Listen to the previous post, very true :wink:
  9. i did very badly on the run. but more confident now as i have been running almost everyday now. so hopefully, i should pass next time.
    thanks for all the advice guys!
  10. Good luck mate :)
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