Did anyone ever die of A41?

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by putteesinmyhands, Nov 22, 2010.

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  1. I've come close a few times, generally from the near-inducement of heart attack when carrying three spare batteries or attempted dislocation of cranium when coming under exercise-effective enemy fire. But I was thinking more as a result of 135V in damp conditions. Looking back, it seems incredible that a tranny needed such a high voltage.

    My mother nearly died of A41 battery when I booby trapped my bedroom door. It was only meant to deliver a bit of a tingle, as it did when I tested it on myself. But then, I had dry callousy skin on my hands, whereas Mum had just rubbed in some hand cream. Dangerous stuff, hand cream. Really should have an electrocution warning...
  2. We were part of a cordon around Forkill and we had numerous ciggies but no one had a lighter.

    It was an unexpected job because some silly bugger had dropped his weapon in the bloody river while wading it in heavy rain rather than cross the bridge which they kept mining.

    Anyway, the spare A41 battery was opened up and some wires crossed and bingo, a cigarette lighter to see us through the day.
  3. Let me get this straight...

    If you're ever diagnosed with lung cancer, you're going to sue the MoD for providing you with equipment that encouraged you to smoke?
  4. Sounds like a plan!
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  5. A 41. That's a blast from the past. "It's okay the rest of the section will carry your kit"....yeah, right. You can't be as old as me, surely.
  6. At least you wont need to lug your SLR because the radio op gets a SMG .

    Yeah Right !
  7. Am I unique in that I did actually get to carry a SMG? Bit of a bonus on exercise, no ammo to lug around - until somebody noticed and gave you a couple of belts of link...

    Spreading your kit around the section? I was told that tale on my Pln Operators cadre. I suppose it might have worked if I'd become a Platoon operator, but as a MFC, you could be dragged off at a moments notice and where, exactly, is all the kit that you've spread around?

    Still, I was comfy enough. I had a natty OP tent and a No2 burner as well as all the other kit. Amazing how it all fitted in or on the manpack. Much better than when Clansman arrived - no pouches and just try stuffing a tent in that stupid handbag affair... They tried to get me to cart the monopole antenna as well, but you have to draw the line somewhere. Besides, I could hang all my washing on a bit of string, I didn't need a rotary drier.
  8. Exactly, and do I attach my large pack to it? or it to my large pack?? and why, when I take cover, does it slide forward and render me unconcious?
  9. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    How in God's Name did we ever manage to survive a two-week exercise with the contents of a Large Pack? Especially if you were forced by a stupid OC to take pumps Electric, Shorts orrible and Vest PT Red in it.

    And A41? OK, compared to the shoulder-wrenching terror that was the 84mm. Plenty of people still use the Charlie G - but none of them are so stupid as to make it 'man portable'.
  10. Lovely bit of kit, I didn't understand why they called the sigs "scaley backs" before I got lumbered with one in Brecon. I certainly had enough scales on my back when I got home. I remember sitting in a wood in southern Germany on radio stag whilst some buffoon was stamping about all over my net with dire VP, I kept trying to rip him a new arse, but he was playing deaf. It turned out to be some TA wallah in the lake district with his A41 turned right up.

    I don't think anyone ever died from the voltage but I suspect a lot of people who had to carry one wished themselves dead.
  11. Bloke climbing over a gate.
    Falls forward "A la gate vault"
    Ends up upside down on far side of gate. (Clatter of SLR!)
    Front hooked up with webbing.
    Weight of A41 keeps him inverted.
    Next bloke unlatched gate and walks through.
  12. If anyone on here ever found/finds an A41 in a muddy hole on Marske Moor ( for those who don't know it Marske Moor is one of those god-forsaken bits of Yorkshire we "defended/attacked" at various times) that A41 is mine - or rather the Companys!
    We all had to chip in to pay for it after a Board of Inquiry decided no individual "sinner" could be found.
    If we find it and are reimbursed the few left who paid for it could be in for a windfall (A41's have been collectibles and museum pieces for over forty years and must be quite valuable now!).
    If someone has saved a battery -and we find another - we could perhaps have our own little Net (What's the drill for a nuclear air strike now?)
  13. I think I may still have two batteries in my dad's garage. It's about 20 years since I last checked that they were there, so they may have gone in the meantime. I doubt that they're still working, so it's probably better to use mobile phones - much lighter and a far greater range.
  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I was blessed, My intake at Shornecliffe saw only Clansman, a bit of a shock to the lads who went to UK based Bns and were issued Larkspur. A41 for NITAT!
  15. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    Got walloped many times taking cover on the Cambrian March in 1977, but survived with only minor brain trauma (according to the MO). Another possible cause of death would be succumbing to hypothermia whilst unable to get into your doss bag because it had 3 A41 batteries in it.