Did anyone else watch Kerry's speech last night?


I thought he looked wooden and stilted and uncomfortable, used as I am, to the performance of The Tone

Then I realised he didn't have an army of advisors telling him how to act and look , and what I was seeing was the real man,not a creation for the media , delivering what I thought, was the very best speech of the campaign so far.

Ok, he rambled on a bit, and went round in circles a couple of times, but I think he was cuffing it. I listened to the audience reaction, and what seemed to be getting the biggest cheers , were the same things that people think about here

Education, Crime , Healthcare.

Mind you, somethng that did get a huge cheer, and something I don't see or hear mentioned in the Press here . Jobs vanishing overseas.

Overall, not a bad speech, and once he's been corrupted by the professional groomers, no doubt , he'll look more comfortable too.

Still think the party slogans are a bit weak though


Ooooops sorry Dale, just saw your topic starter
Boring can be good sometimes, I think they have had enough snake-oil salesmen in office in recent years. Another good thing he has going for him is that he is an ex-matelot, just like 2 out of 3 of the last elected Democratic Presidents. ( Carter and Kennedy: Johnson wasn't directly elected, but I think he and Clinton deserve to be made Honourary Matelots, because in office they exhibited very "Jack" behavioural patterns.)

It is also worth looking at his record during Iran/Contra, where he played a key part in blowing the whole thing open. Anyway, he seems to realise his presentational limitations, hence the simpering pretty-boy as a running mate. :roll:
I didn't see the speech, but listened to it on the wireless. He came across as though he meant what he was saying, which makes a pleasant change to the usual faux sincerity on offer from Bush43 and Bliar.
I always thought Blair came across like a sweaty-palmed lay preacher, the kind that hired suburban hotel conference centres for mass-baptisms..
Don't let him fool you, he is the American version of Tony. He can flop on an issue faster than a $2 whore on payday.

I disagree with Bush on alot of issues (stem cell research, gay marriage, fiscal responsibility, and where the hell are those WMD's???), but can't ever see myself voting for Kerry and The Boy Lawyer.
No, I still can't see him as being as bad as the Fragrant Tony; even if he does flip-flop on issues, at least he had a stand to start off with.


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I loved the one phrase he used:

"I will not mislead the American public in order to go to war"

note '...in order to go to war.' Any other form of misleading is ok then.

Semantics à la Slick Willy.

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PartTimePongo said:
Then I realised he didn't have an army of advisors telling him how to act and look , and what I was seeing was the real man,not a creation for the media...
Aye...dream on.

In a world where even D List celebs have agents do you really think John Kerry doesn't have an army of advisors? A media creation is exactly what you need to be to take part in the biggest media campaign of all time. To run for President you need to have $millions and be exactly what the party wants you to be. That takes a lot of makeovers (shiny white teeth), voice coaching, just the right amount of suntan, speech coordinators.

Kerry's speech, like all political speeches, was crafted and rehearsed for weeks, with the Democratic team tweaking it each time to make sure there's nothing offensive or nothing that can be misconstrued etc etc. It needs to have just the right balance of soundbites and platitudes to appease the thicko trash underclass and rednecks as well as the conservative anti-everything fundamentalists from the Mid-West. Although how you debate with those people who think the bible is 100% true and the world is only around 3000 years old is beyond me (how do they explain dinosaurs?).

Don't get me wrong, I think Kerry is 1000% better than that nobber Dubya Bush, but surely it's rather naive to suggest that he's one honest man standing up for his beliefs etc and not a carefully crafted media personality.

VOTE KERRY....er..if you're a Yank.

He said he wanted a return to return to "America's long standing tradition of going to war because we have to, not because we want to"

He'd better brush up on his US history then, as every war up to WW2 was one of their choosing. They started wars against us (twice), Mexico, Spain and themselves, and chose to join in in WW1 by declaring war on Germany (6/4/17) The've invaded California, Canada, Costa Rica, Cuba (3 times) Dominican Republic (twice), Florida, Haiti, Hawaii, Nicaragua, and Utah. The Union was only thirteen states, the remaining 37 were acquired by conquest or purchase (mostly conquest).
I cant vote for either fecker. yet they still decide what is what and who is where on the world stage.

Regardless of who wins either in the UK or the US. The Uk political masters will still rally to Americas beck and call.
Corporal said:
Some good info on Kerry can be found here:

This website has a very interesting front page. I would suggest, however, that is DOES take a man to admit that what he has believed, or the system he followed, was in some way wrong.

Understandably, some believe he should have stayed to the bitter end (of his VN tour), but then if you have huge issues as an employee of BT, wouldn't you leave as soon as you could?

Again, some may counter by saying that fixing phones is not the same as leading men and women in battle to the point of a bayonet (speaking from personal experience), but then if you don't believe in the cause, and you have true integrity, how does one follow that path? That's a big and difficult question for a lot of us who thought that while what we did in Iraq was good and wholesome, the endstate will be chaos and bloodshed (as it currently is)

I like John Kerry. If only because he is not Dubya. He must have more scruples, but how many? I believe his performance yester was wooden and stilted, and very stage-managed by the Democrat mandarins, but if he was held to his claims, then he's the man to lead the US back from the abyss which it is currently staring into.

Fahrenheit 9/11. Controversial, biased, but it does make you think, eh?
Come on lads. What about that excrutiatingly embarrassing "John Kerry, reporting for duty" salute bullshi*. John Wayne he ain't, pilgrims. I never cease to be amazed at how much over-hyped, sentimental crap the great American public seems to swallow in lieu of convincing argument and strategic thinking.

No one who gets to the White House is his own man. They have to trade off too many favours on the way up and are then beholden to big contributors, big business, the oil cartel etc.

On the plus side, he has seen active service and should have the kind of understanding of the military our muppets don't. Beats Dubya's gallant defence of Texas against the threat from Arkansas during the Vietnam war.
"This message was paid for by 'Citizens for Not Whistlin' Dixie.'

"I was raised in a small town. My parents were just plain salt of the earth folks.

"My dad drove a three year old Ford. My mother baked pies and set them on the kitchen window sill to cool.

"I grew up with the belief in making things better.

"I will go to Congress to get legislation so that bees will no longer sting.

"I will increase federal spending, lower taxes and pay off the federal deficit.

"I will call on heavily armed, scary-looking foreigners in places you never heard of to be nice and stop trying to kill each other.

"This is a great country. I want to see every American having enough money to enjoy it. If I'm elected, we'll print enough so that everyone will have plenty.

"I'll work for a constitutional amendment to guarantee that everyone -- not just the lucky few -- has a right to multiple orgasms.

etc., etc., etc.

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