Did anyone else see this or have I just missed it

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by ugly, Jan 5, 2006.

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  1. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

  2. Lee Enfield - saviour of the free western world........................
  3. Just goes to show.......our leaders were talking bollox then just as much as they do today!
  4. Sneaked out 29/12/05. good time to bury bad news anyone
  5. The FCO was bang on. A large amount of .303" well aimed would be quite a dissuader. Now if only the rest of the British Army could have been equipped with such manly ammunition we'd never have lost the Empire. Hang on....

    If you look at it this way, thirty years ago we equipped the FIDF with obsolete weapons from Donni, which had gone out of first line service about 15 years previously (I'm sure someone will know the exact date). A low cost solution, for a scenario which seemed unlikely at the time in comparison to 3rd Soviet Shock Army doing the Channel dash. In 2001 we "sold" several thousand SLRs to Sierra Leone, which went out of British infantry service about 14 years previously, a cost effective way of shoring up a friendly regime in a shitty place. Sometimes it works...
  6. Nice to see the FCO being a gutless bunch of useless limp wristed big girls blouses then as now
  7. Aha..but what the report didn't add was that the Int Corps and SIS suspect an Argentine Invasion fleet would only consist of 3 or 4 South American war canoes, manned by South American Indians dressed in thongs, wearing scarry masks and carrying blowpipes (not MANPADS - bamboo Mk1).
  8. Similar vein....

    Have just seen a TV clip of the IDF in their Shermans and Centurians Worn out tanks sold to the Isrealis, re gunned, re engined and a whole lot better for the upgrade. ( and better than what we replaced them with)
  9. Absolutely...Defend the Nation at all cost!!!!!

    As long as it doesn't come to more than a the cost of a kit kat.

    And the fuggin politicians wonder why Britain is becoming a 3rd world country!!
  10. It also mentions WW2 era Bren guns. Are these related to the LMGs carried by one of the RM Commandos when we took it back?