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Just thought it may also be a necessity to create an Idiots Guide to Squaddie-ese,

Along with a brief explanation of the term will stand many a young thruster with a headstart as they get to where the big boys live.

Eyes down, look in:

Minging - Dirty, disgusting, drunk
Gopping - Same as above but with dirt attached
Munting - Negative term usually reserved as a descriptive for the *Munter one collected after 20 pints of Scrumpy.
Munter - Female of loose character; also Minger, Slapper, Gopper
Gat - Firearm
Choggie Shop - Retail outlet normally owned by Indian or Pakistani natives found on SF bases around Northern Ireland

Keep the ball rolling........

Scoff / Scran - Food
Threaders - Pi**ed off
Waaaaaaaah -
dhobi - Washing

Many more that my hung over head can't think of atm
Chin strapped - knackered
Range Stew - a dish of highly calorific value and a culinary delight


Kit Reviewer
Book Reviewer
Snags- Problems

Snaggy- One who has problems e.g. Fellow 1: ''He likes his dog to lick his nuts whilst he thumbs his hoop''
Fellow 2: ''Thats just snaggy, poor dog.''
Websters - Crap
Lance Jack - Lance Corporal
Sprog / Nig - Stricktly speaking, I believe less than 5 years service. But anyone deemed 'new' really

is it worth starting the Ball rolling with things like wedge heads, Drop shorts etc. I wonder?
I always understood:

NIG - New Intake Group
Waffle Spanners - Eating Utensils
Maggot - Sleeping Bag
Noddy Suit - Chemical Warfare Clothing

Diggers : Knife, fork, spoon
Racer: Spoon attached by para chord

Chocolate Starfish: Arrse (not really army but i like the word it makes me smile and my old grannie said thats important)
Ricker Dhobi - *******
Slop Jockey - Army Chef (chef.....hahahahahahaha)
Dhobi Dust - washing powder
Nose bag: brown bag lunch/scoff in general

Billy: individual with no mates

Gary: someone who wears goretex even in splitting sunshine / and goretex itself

Knacker cracker: PX1 Mk 4 parchute sim harness
Hahaha, still got my original racing spoon, nicked from a Chinese Takeaway, melted and shaped to fit the corners of my mess tins. Yae couldna keep oop with me eef ya treed Jimmeh.

Good stuff,
Redders = Hot
Weekly Rations of Army Cutn. Who were they again?
Whilst not a unknow in itself, I find many a NIG look for 'sympathy' and always tell them it can be found between 'sh!t' and 'Syphilis' in a dictionary...
Bundook - Rifle. From bunduki in most eastern and southern African languages.
Ulu. (oo-loo) Jungle, Bush, scrub, anywhere outside in the middle of nowhere. Malayan.
jt9563 said:
Websters - Crap
Lance Jack - Lance Corporal
Sprog / Nig - Stricktly speaking, I believe less than 5 years service. But anyone deemed 'new' really

is it worth starting the Ball rolling with things like wedge heads, Drop shorts etc. I wonder?
Just as a matter of interest, where/when did the terms Lance Jack and Full Screw for LCpl and Cpl respectively originate? Never did suss that out during my time in the machine..... :?
basha - billet
stick of inches - ruler,(brum origin)
airy bumwack - go and make love to your granny vigorously,spelling might be a bit iffy.
gingi wallah - not a friend of soap and water.
shufti zubrik - display your manhood,please.


RTR - Armoured Farmers
Andy Capp's Commandos - Army Catering Corps
Arab - Arrogant Regular Army B%$tard
Beer Tokens - Money
Bleeps - Royal Signals
Blue Jobs - RAF
Booties - Royal Marines
Bootnecks - Royal Marines
Brylcreem Boys - RAF
Cabbage Commando - Chef
Cake & Arse Party - Not very good
Chogey - Locally Employed Civilian (in overseas camp)
Chunky - Pioneer
Colonel (The) - NAAFI
Colonel Gadaffi - NAAFI
Commissioned Labourer - Late Entry Officer
Crab Air - RAF
Crow - Recruit
Dhobi - Washing
Dhobi Dust - Washing Powder
Dig Out - Help Yourself
Donkey Whacker - Household Cavalry
Donkey Walloper - Household Cavalry
Egg Banjos - Fried egg sandwiches
Fat Albert - Hercules Aircraft
Feds - Special Investigation Branch
Fubar - f**ked Up Beyond All Recognition
Fullscrew - Corporal
Gat - Rifle
Glasshouse - Military Prison
God - RSM
God's Acre - Parade Square
GOPWO - Grossly Over-Promoted Warrant Officer (LE Officer)
Grollies - Underpants
Green Slime - Intelligence Corps
Grunt - Infantry Soldier
Gym Queen - Physical Training Instructor
Heads - Toilets
Lance Jack - Lance Corporal
Long Range Sniper - Royal Artillery
Lumpy Jumpers - Female Service Personnel
Maggot - Sleeping Bag
Matelots - Royal Navy
Monkey - RMP
Muppet - Most Useless Person Pusser Ever Trained
Naafi - No at all f**king interested
NATO - Normal Army Tea Order (white with 2 sugars)
NIG - New in Germany/New In Green
On Stag - On Guard Duty
Pongo - Army (used by those not in the Army)
PONTI - Person Of No Tactical Importance
Razz Man - Regimental Sergeant Major
Really Large Corps - RLC
REMF - Rear Echelon Mother F**kers
Rock Apes - RAF Regiment
Rodney - Officer
Rupert - Officer
Sappers - Royal Engineers
Scaleys - Royal Signals
Scaley Backs - Royal Signals
Scran - Food
Septic Tank - Yank (American)
Slop Jockey - Chef
Snafu - Situation Normal (all f**ked up)
Sprog - Recruit
Stab - Stupid Territorial Army B%$tard
Staffy - Staff Sergeant
Stagging On - On Guard Duty
Steffi Graf - Leyland Daf (4 Tonner)
Stick Man - RSM
Tab (Tactical Advance to Battle) - Long march with weight
Teeny Weeny Airways - Army Air Corps
Toms - Young soldiers (Parachute Regiment)
Troopy - Troop Leader
Tubes - Mortars
**** Chariot - Bed
Wedges - Royal Engineers
Willy Wocker - Chinook Helicopter
Wooden Tops - Brigade of Guards
Woofers - Worcestershire and Sherwood Foresters
Yaffle - Food
Yaffling Spanners - Knife, Fork & Spoon
Yomp - Long march with weight

"Borrowed" from http://www.modoracle.com/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=25

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