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Discussion in 'The Lamp and Sandbag II - The Tall Story Strikes B' started by 13thMan, Dec 10, 2008.

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  1. Just thought it may also be a necessity to create an Idiots Guide to Squaddie-ese,

    Along with a brief explanation of the term will stand many a young thruster with a headstart as they get to where the big boys live.

    Eyes down, look in:

    Minging - Dirty, disgusting, drunk
    Gopping - Same as above but with dirt attached
    Munting - Negative term usually reserved as a descriptive for the *Munter one collected after 20 pints of Scrumpy.
    Munter - Female of loose character; also Minger, Slapper, Gopper
    Gat - Firearm
    Choggie Shop - Retail outlet normally owned by Indian or Pakistani natives found on SF bases around Northern Ireland

    Keep the ball rolling........

  2. Scoff / Scran - Food
    Threaders - Pi**ed off
    Waaaaaaaah -
    dhobi - Washing

    Many more that my hung over head can't think of atm
  3. Chin strapped - knackered
    Range Stew - a dish of highly calorific value and a culinary delight
  4. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Snags- Problems

    Snaggy- One who has problems e.g. Fellow 1: ''He likes his dog to lick his nuts whilst he thumbs his hoop''
    Fellow 2: ''Thats just snaggy, poor dog.''
  5. Websters - Crap
    Lance Jack - Lance Corporal
    Sprog / Nig - Stricktly speaking, I believe less than 5 years service. But anyone deemed 'new' really

    is it worth starting the Ball rolling with things like wedge heads, Drop shorts etc. I wonder?
  6. I always understood:

    NIG - New Intake Group
    Waffle Spanners - Eating Utensils
    Maggot - Sleeping Bag
    Noddy Suit - Chemical Warfare Clothing

  7. Diggers : Knife, fork, spoon
    Racer: Spoon attached by para chord

    Chocolate Starfish: Arrse (not really army but i like the word it makes me smile and my old grannie said thats important)
  8. Ricker Dhobi - *******
    Slop Jockey - Army Chef (chef.....hahahahahahaha)
    Dhobi Dust - washing powder
  9. Nose bag: brown bag lunch/scoff in general

    Billy: individual with no mates

    Gary: someone who wears goretex even in splitting sunshine / and goretex itself

    Knacker cracker: PX1 Mk 4 parchute sim harness
  10. Scud: someone who is always on patrol when it gets hit/ bad luck
  11. Hahaha, still got my original racing spoon, nicked from a Chinese Takeaway, melted and shaped to fit the corners of my mess tins. Yae couldna keep oop with me eef ya treed Jimmeh.

    Good stuff,
  12. Redders = Hot
  13. Weekly Rations of Army Cutn. Who were they again?
  14. Whilst not a unknow in itself, I find many a NIG look for 'sympathy' and always tell them it can be found between 'sh!t' and 'Syphilis' in a dictionary...