Dictator poised to lead Africa

What a surprise. A corrupt union nominates a corrupt offical to lead it.

Sudan's military dictator is likely to become chairman of the African Union and the continent's face to the world despite waging war in Darfur, it emerged yesterday.

President Omar al-Bashir, who seized power in a coup and harboured Osama bin Laden for five years in the 1990s, will host a meeting of African leaders in Sudan next Monday.

They are due in Khartoum for a summit of the African Union, an alliance of all 53 countries in the continent. They are likely to outrage human rights groups by electing Mr Bashir as their chairman and Africa's most prominent statesman for the next 12 months.

The union's chairmanship is due to rotate to east Africa, deemed to include Sudan, and as the summit's official host Mr Bashir is expected to be elected even though his Arab-dominated regime is conducting a brutal campaign against rebels in Sudan's western region of Darfur, where almost two million people have been forced into squalid refugee camps.

Black African tribes have been marked for attack and a United Nations investigation has found Mr Bashir's forces guilty of atrocities.
[C] Torygraph.co.uk
This is the same country they just agreed to send troops into to monitor the going on's in Darfur.

And people wonder why African Govt's dont garner much respect.......


Maybe we should put Milosvic in charge of the EU, just to avoid any accusations of double standards?

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