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The businessman spent a good half an hour in the hotel lounge bragging to the hooker about how big his dick was. Finally she suggested they retire to his room and check it out, and he willingly agreed.

The guy stripped off his clothes, jumped on top of the hooker, entered her, and said triumphantly, "Why don't you open your mouth, baby, so I can see the end of my dick?"

"Open my mouth?" scoffed the hooker. "Why don't you wiggle your ass so I can feel it?"
Two toddlers in the bath, the girl points to the boy's Dick and asks, "Why haven't I got one?" The boy replies, "When you were a baby, you played with yours too much and it fell off."

The girl bursts into tears and runs off to find her mum. Five minutes later, she's back with a smug smile on her face. She point below her waist and says, "Mummy told me that with one of these I can have as many of those as I like!"

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