Dick Tricks !!!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by copey, Jun 12, 2004.

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  1. Ive seen a lad drop his bell end into a pint glass in the naafi and it touch the bottom of the glass and another lad fit about a quids worth of 5p pieces behind his foreskin, fcuking bizzar the stuff that goes on in the naafi !
    what have you seen done?
  2. They must be numpty's then, we all know where blokes brains are. :D
  3. I have a sneaky suspicion I am going to be accused of being BB when the reguulars log on. They have a habbit of accusing someone who disagrees with them or tests their testosterone (even if the poster is male). Still, it is a NAAFI bar! :D
  4. are you BB? :wink: :lol:
  5. Ha ha. YES. I have been exposed. :roll:
  6. put it away then! :lol: you'll get arrested
  7. Sorry Sir...(closes mack and shuffles away into the woods with head held low).
  8. gosh bit extreme even by BB standards,
    sex change to make it easier to blend in............

    i always wonder,
    if a female gets a sex change and they give her/him a really small dick,
    does she have a ready made complexe that usually takes men years to gain?
  9. Don't know BBC. Seems to be a male thing with BB. Appears they have all encountered one (or will in the future) and tarr us with the same brush. :D
  10. Manchestercop? Are you sitting there with your feet up watching TV/CTV? Get on yur bloody bike and police the comunity! :evil:
  11. I think your another bloke posing as a woman. Hi Frank, back again?
  12. Wrong Gunny.
  13. Okay Frank.
  14. can i be Frank?
  15. Bugger off BBC. I am trying tp cjat Gunny up here! :D