Dick Strawbridge

Dick Strawbridge, mad as a box of frogs or what?
Mind you, never seen enthusiasm like it, would have liked to serve under him!
Brilliant Bloke. wouldn't hear a word said against him. that bald bloke that co-presents (read: whipping boy) is definitely a bender tho. daft foreign name as well.
He is sooo funny, I met him and all of his brothers at the last royal tournament, what a gas!
My brother who was at welbeck at the time new him really well!
Met him in germany last year, really good bloke, so down to earth.
Very focused on the job at hand, but always ready for a laugh.

His brother was my O.C. at one point, just as mad, no complaints at all.
Did anyone else see the first episode this week of his new series, "Its not easy being green" (I think) ?
He comes across as a really good bloke, and hugely competent too.
The programmes definitely worth a look. He's sold up and bought a wreck of a farm in Devon, with the intention of becoming as self-sufficent as possible.
And yes, his daughters a definite catch, in fact, his whole family seem really, well, 'nice'.
Keep up the good work Dick, I for one am more than a little jealous.
Knew his brothers and went out to the family house a couple of times, great blokes, they did quite well on scrapheap challenge as well if i remember correctly.

used to be my old OC penny sqn AAC harogate when it was a R sigs depot. was mad then and his tash ahas taken on privet hedge proportions since then. always one for the lads
Interceptor said:
Was he a sapper?

Anyone know where the middle brother (Sapper) is? Exchange job in a warmish place was last I heard but am having trouble tracking him down as he has clearly abandoned his old AOL email address. Appreciate a PM from anyone who knows -of course I would consider it a given that I need to establish my credentials before exchange of the info occurs.

I really like his new programme on being green and must echo everybodies comments he seems a proper decent bloke and I hope he goes on to do more stuff on the telly,well done Dick

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