Dick Strawbridge a good bloke?

Just watching this fella on "Beat the Ancestors" ~ Seen him on other stuff and understand he was RE. He comes across well, I quite enjoy his programmes or programmes he's involved with.... Good bloke?
Dick Strawbridge was Royal Signals his brother was REME I believe. I knew Dick as a subaltern in my squadron at 1 Div HQ & Sig Regt back in nineteen hundred and frozen to death...
He was a nice chap when I had a chat with him at the Army v Navy a few years ago, just after his Scrap Heap Challenge debut.

Its refreshing to see an ex Army bloke doing well in the media.
Where was the long haired Gwar last night though? Bit like Charlie Dimmocks more effeminate brother.
I though those 2 were inseperable.
BTW he should have won Celebrity Master Chef but they gave it to the silly tart, just saying.
Odd assortment of folks on the program with him. Seem to have been picked for weird looks rather than skills. That's showbiz!


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he presented a program called Crafty tricks of war, which was quite informative. he then did a program called It's not easy being green, hwy he brought a big house in the country and converted it to be self sufficient again quite interesting.

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