Dick Cheney planned to use Israel against Iran.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KGB_resident, Sep 24, 2007.

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  1. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/20920341/site/newsweek/page/3/

  2. I thought that it was Israel that pulled America's strings, not the other way round!
  3. So do you suggest Arik that mr.Cheney was underpulled?

  4. KGBR - could be, life would be so dull without conspiracy theories! You never know the Israel lobby could of got to him. :eek:
  5. Nobody could exclude Israeli strike against Iran. Maybe even the raid in Syria actually had another destination point.
  6. Hey watch it. That's an antisemitic remark. You are accusing Jews of not being able to read a compass. :D
  7. GK - from the general site comments about officers not being able to map read, I can assure you that this is not (as much of) a problem in the IDF (seeing as all combat officers go through the ranks). I take it your comment should of read Israelis?

    KGBR - where do you think another destination point was other then the point where the (reported) ground team was laying on the laser target designation?
  8. Allegedly, our Israeli friends met Syrian anti-aircraft system that was too dangerous to continue the flight and decided to return. It could explain why fuel tanks were dropped. Additional fuel tanks hint at another (than Syria) destination point.

    Also a dense 'smoke-screen' around the flight rather points at Iran as the probable target.
  9. I think we all knew from the start that the US meant to go after Iraq, Iran and Syria, and in that order. If they had'nt have got bogged down in Iraq there would be US troops in all of those countries today. WMD, fighting terror, building democracy, who cares what the excuse is, who cares if people believe it or not. Three reasons why Iraq was invaded. 1) regime change, get rid of Saddam and replace him with a regime which is more favourable to US interests. 2) oil, can't get away from that one the Us does need a more stable supply. 3) a place to build bases and use as a launching point to do the same to Iran and Syria, the fact the sh*t has hit the fan and they have to carry out round two and three before they all go, in 2008 has'nt seemed to have registared yet!
  10. Are those the AA systems supplied by Russia? :D

    Were'nt the (alleged) fuel tanks dropped in Turkey, this may suggest a long approach / extract route to the relatively close target in Syria and not targets in countries further afield on a straightline, etc.
  11. Likely.

    Who knows?
  12. The easy way for Israel to strike (shia) Iran, would be from (sunni) saudi bases. Seems the US is getting on just fine with the sunni population in iraq at the mo.

    Stand by for a v unlikely alliance about to happen between Israel and Saudi Arabia, problem solved.
  13. I cant quite see it now or in the future. The house of Saud has enough problems internally for a start without giving home grown fundamentalists 'justification'. Saudi is too diammetrically opposed to Israel. The only way forward in the ME (with arab states looking for peace)is one on one diplomacy followed by economic ties, etc
  14. Yes but you are forgetting the New World Order...Islam is getting its hands on Europe....So the idea of an Islamic Alliance is on the cards...

    Unlimited Muslim Passage to the EU and the Europeans Forced to respect the Religion.

    Dutch Mimister admitting Islam is to be the Dominant Culture.

    Pope says 'Attempts at Islamification of Europe.........cannot be denied'.........

    Goodbye Sweden

    GoodBye France, Frances unreported race riots lasted a WHOLE YEAR, on average 112 Cars torched PER DAY.


    Even General Dannatt notices something is wrong with Society..

    Into the fragmented vacuum of our Nations subverted spirituality Sharia Law Is Spreading.

    British School Children converted to Islam, making Islamic Affirmations to Allah in school.

    Conversion to Islam? Are Muslim children forced to pray to God

    British Children told in school they Must avert their eyes, already telling them they are second class citizens.




    Our Leaders Supress the truth while it happens
  15. royalecraig wrote:

    good article