Dick Cheney Has Change of Heart

A faulty one.


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A shame that somebody had to die in order that the doddery old bastard might live.
He's not very popular in Canada! Read the comments at the end of the article. :)


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Is he related in any way to the living, though decidedly unwell, wendyballer Fabrice Muamba?
Probably. As if I'm remotely connected with the world of oikball. There's a bloke called Muamba with a dicky ticker - I hope Cheney has been given one of those.

Or, even better, a rotting red pepper with mouldy holes that look like ventricles, mistakenly switched from the hospital canteen in one of those it-couldn't-happen-here incidents.


I just hope the new heart packs up on the heartless bastard (it was probably obtained from somebody in India or Bangladesh ahead of everybody else on the programme) and that he dies a very painful death - along with his equally heartless buddy Bush!

MiSoGr and a Happy Easter to all.

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