DIB FR2020 email

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by CivPlod, Feb 12, 2011.

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  1. chaps, with ref to the above email some if not most of us received can any of you(in the know,nudge nudge etc) point me in the right direction of what this sentence is all about:

    "Later in Phase Three, the Study will develop a detailed concept and outline plan for the implementation of new single-Services Reserves’ structures"

    Are they suggesting
    A that there will just be one Reserves structure; or
    B that there will just be one general role for each of the reserves services(like the failed General Service Reserve Seaman); or
    C am I completely off with my thinking!!!!!!

    cheers easy.
  2. perhaps you have to be single, as families will get in the way for Fr2020
  3. C its is then!!!
  4. CP, the phrase 'single Service' (abbreviated to the rather unsettling 'sS' in officialese) means exactly that — matters that concern only the RN or only the Army etc, so it means the complete opposite of A.
    hope that helps.
  5. cheers for that sticky, that line threw me a bit when reading it. The email is quite vague.