Diary of a Sapper - New book

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by bernie843, Apr 23, 2009.

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  1. My first book

    Diary of a Sapper

    If it is regarded as half as good as Picking up the Brass I'll be chuffed.

    bernie :D
  2. £13.22 for a paperback, you robbing git :D

    Or is it in hardback :D
  3. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    As the web site address says paper back - I would assume that would be the case :wink:
  4. :D It is the cheapest that I could get it with www.lulu.com

    I tried several formats even going to 'Comic' format but this Crown Quattro format was the cheapest for the number of pages.

    It is 352 pages long and sizewise is larger than Apache and Seven Troop both length and width-wise.
    I managed to squeeze 45 lines per page instead of the 30 ish of most books in order to minimise the pages and therefore the cost.

    (lulu.com reccomends 30 - 40 lines per page to make it reader friendly)

    Its 127,000 words long and the average book is 80,000 so you get your money's worth. :)

    (I'm not comparing it to either book by the way, only for size comparasion.)

    Print On Demand (POD) is more expensive per book as they use laser printing instead of lithoprint, but with POD the printer only prints when someone buys a book instead of mainstream where they print in batches of thousands.

    When I got the proof copy out of the envelope my response was "Kin hell, It's big"

    I'll try to write shorter books in the future. :wink:
  5. Stable belt with Jeans?????
  6. My old Lightweights didn't fit any more..... come to that, neither did the stable belt. :(
  7. After receiving numerous hate mail, waking up this morning with a horses head lying next to me and the telegram from Gordon Brown asking me not to waste his voter's money I have reformatted the book making it cheaper.

    I reduced the size of the font and decreased the margins making it 184 pages instead of 348. That reduces the price from £13.22 to £7.98.

    it's here;
    Diary of a Sapper - eco version

    The one thing that did concern me was the price and being new to the publishing industury I followed manuscript formatting guidelines instead of..... my wife's advice :( hope she don't read this.

    So now both versions are available. That is the benefit of POD. Manuscript to on sale, one day.
  8. covering which era may i ask or is it just the 6 months in F.I????

    bought one either way, hurrah.
  9. If it's as informative as your Avatar signature we're all in for a treat. Moscow ..... in Russia? Wow. :eek:

    Why is it advertised in $ ????? Couldn't you persuade Amazon to stock it?
  10. Its covering Jan 1983 until July 1983.

    I hope you weren't the OC. :oops:
  11. Is it in dollars? I'll have to query that. The proof copy that I bought was in £? Cheers for the heads up.
    The Avtar is me sniffing what I thought were my wife's panties that she sent me in a Red cross parcel to The Falklands. Turned out they were her sisters... so... quite a result huh? (Story in book)

    The instant you approve your book it goes for sale on lulu.com. They then submit your ISBN to the Booker database (if you bought one.. you don't have to..) after 2 weeks and then after around 8 weeks it goes on sale on Amazon.

    Russia .. hmmm. :x apart from Red Square and the Metro, a shit tip. :roll: Just spent 24 months there (not) building a power station. Totally corrupt! I'm now back in Lancashire but can't find out how to change the bloody thing on arrse.

    S.A. next and as advertised I need a crane supervisor. around £70 - £80K depending on experience. Working for Alstom. Living out in the bush near the Zimbabwe boarder surrounded by safari parks.
  12. you could have called the book "i hate knockers"
  13. I couldn've but as I don't It would have been misleading wouldn't it.

    It shows the mindset back then. We were all competitive in the army.