Diarrhea through fear

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Tawahi-50, May 10, 2012.

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  1. Serious question, I hope, though it might not sound so.

    Someone 'crapping themselves' through fear (or maybe any other strong emotion) is quite real. And even if it doesn't go to that full extent, the bowel contents often seem go through an instant liquidiser when things turn grim.

    It is known why (or how) what obviously starts as a state of mind turns into a physical reaction? For example does the body start over-producing some chemical that causes the effect on the digestive system?
  2. Same reason as people piss themselves with fear, it's something humans have evolved to do to give them the best chance in a fight or flight situation.

    I suppose the idea is that without your stomach or bladder contents inside you, then you are lighter / quicker. A bit like your heart pumping harder in a confrontational situation to ensure your muscles have the blood supply they need in the event that everybody starts kung fu fighting.
  3. I thought it was some kind of auto evacuation of the system in response to a percieved imminent trauma.
  4. Not sure if the instinct/reaction is for the same reason but I understand that in US Nascar races drivers are told to piss themselves if a crash is impending or of their bladder feels full. Apparently in a crash at 200 miles per hour the bladder can burst if full, causing internal injuries. Of course there are lot of ways to get killed crashing a car at 200 miles per hour.
  5. Before boxing matches I often spew up due to feeling nervous. Funny thing is, once you get called to the ring, the nerves and nausea disappear.
  6. I had that when I used to fight, it was horrible but then as soon as the entrance music came on it went.
  7. Same for runners, portaloos are the start of races are not a pretty sight, the smell is even worse.
  8. i've seen people throw up but would put that down to tension and not fear,proper, i-am-about-to-die-fear, as it came before the event where as fear always made my gut feel as if it was trying to leave via my ********. has anyone actually seen someone shit themselves through fear?
  9. I crapped myself during a car accident once :( It wasn't bad, but it was sudden. Sitting there with kecks full of liquid really hit me emotionally, I certainly didn't have a fight or flight reaction, I just wanted to sit there and die of embarrasment.
  10. Adrenaline makes the sympathetic (rather than parasympathetic) nervous system kick in and that diverts blood away from the digestive muscles into the muscles that you need to run away. IIRC (and it was a long time ago) from A level Biology, this is why you have to shit/puke/piss lots when you're nervous or fired up.
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  11. Witnessed it at about 1000' above Weston on the Green DZ when on my basic para course. A lad from 9 Sqn managed to let a couple of litres of dung slide down his legs just prior to exiting the aircraft.

    The smell on the bus returning back to Brize Norton was nausea inducing but quite sexy.
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  12. bungeepoo.jpg

    I do hope I haven't just added some material to your scat fetish bank.
  13. similar story but not through fear [the dreaded D&V], i was waiting for a merlin to go from shaibah to the apod and the chalk in front of us boarded and left, it did an about turn 500m from the helipad, landed, then sat there for a bit. after a while two guys tear up with a wheelchair, stick some unconscious bloke in it and start running back, which means they're going pretty quickly when the hit the pothole and lauch their unconscious friend through the air who promptly smashed his face open upon landing. it has like the benny hill show.

    turned out he knew he had D&V but didnt want a 48hour quarantine as he ws going home so hid in the portaloo until shortly before he had to get on the chopper. he managed to get on board but shortly after take-off promptly threw up, shat himself and passed out (my theory has always been that he pretended to hide his embarassment).
  14. thats good enough for me, had heard it before but wasnt sure if it was a fact or a FACT
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    Sounds like a night out with Jarrod!
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