Diarrhea and Kidney Pain

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by SKJOLD, Feb 14, 2008.

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  1. Symptoms:
    Had diarrhea for the last four days
    Abdominal pain, ranging from feeling gaseous and bloated too mild stabbing
    Kidney pain
    Morning headache

    Ive confronted the missus about drugging me and then bum raping me whilst dealing out kidney punches but, she denies everything. Shame.

    so any other ideas.
    Im of to the docs in the morning.

  2. Get some herbal tea, camomille, fennel and drink gallons of it till you piss clear. After two days if still feeling dodgy, check your dump (seriously). Look for blood, odd lumps, etc.

    If all else fails..and you have size 10 boots... I'll buy them.
  3. leave asprin,ibuprofen etc alone,drink lots of clear fluid,and if it gets worse during the night,consider a trip to A&E, about 4,5 in the morning they are generally pretty quiet
  4. get to your doctor in the morn.

    may well just be a kidney infection, i had the same symptoms as you a while back months back but also slightly swollen glands!

    probably just give you some antibiotics and you will be fine, my moneys definitely on a kidney/urinary tract infection, ive had it, not nice
  5. I can confirm it sounds like a bad case of the Sh1ts to me!
  6. Forget any home remedies - get thee to a doctor!
  7. Sounds like IBS to me. Run it past your doc 8)
  8. Went to Docs, he said,
    "Do not worry, it will pass quickly" :roll:

    Im now back to stools of a Bristol fashion.