Dianne Abbott......


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Not that dirty.

According to Gyles Brandreth, who was a Tory MP and in the whips office at the time, Edwina and John used to have a bath together. Major, being a gentleman, used to sit at the tap end.
In a bath together. I suspect a bit of yellow love.

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Whoops... (now in all the other newspapers - link to telegraph and others in comments)
The 28-year-old was charged with two counts of assaulting an "emergency services worker" and a public order offence.
Mr Abbott-Thompson appeared at Westminster magistrates’ court on Monday and is expected to return at the City of London magistrates’ court on February 7.
In a statement on Tuesday, Scotland Yard said: “A man has been charged with assault following an incident at around 2.45pm Friday Nov 29 at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in King Charles Street, Westminster.
“James Adam Abbott-Thompson, 28, was charged on Sunday Dec 1 with two counts of assault by beating of an emergency services worker.
“He was further charged with an offence under Section 4 of the Public Order Act.”
Ms Abbott you wanted people who assaulted police officers to be severely dealt with. So I’d love to know what you think your son deserves for biting a police officer. The Labour Party
James Abbott Charged Over “Biting a Police Officer” – 24plusnews.co.uk



Has there been any official comment or acknowledgement of this clear misunderstanding by the Shadow Home Secretary yet? The fat useless piece of shit.
Which one? Clearly she misunderstands that she's supposed to make sense and not appear to be a moron, there are many options to chose from.


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It would be helpful if you could cite some sources for these claims of what he has said. For example, what London bombings?

As for the NHS comments, here is an article from Business Insider on the subject:

Seems reasonable enough to me. He said that the free bit is for those who really need it, not the piss-takers who sit in A&E and GP surgeries with minor ailments they could easily deal with themselves but don't because guess what - it is "free". And your comment of 'we already pay for it' is hilarious.

I don't think you are talking rubbish - just Socialist rubbish.
Check what it would cost you for a hospital appointment in the CI (where they don't have the NHS and as a visitor you'd have to pay). Might make you think again.........
He’ll go into the family trade, no? Politics!
Can't the punchy, do you fucking know who I am, cunt not play football?


Can't the punchy, do you ******* know who I am, **** not play football?
Bad enough he did that, (allegedly) assaulting 2 coppers, but for the Abbotomonster To rush to his defence and try to squash the story when she's the Shadow Home Secretary is quite astounding. If it had been a white moron doing it she'd be on it like a tramp on chips, hypocrite of the first degree and quite guilty of using race not only as an excuse, but a deflect all shield which makes her guilty of what she accuses white people of doing.
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