Dianne Abbott......

Cheers squire... duly deleted but please don't expect me to back track through threads that interest me little to see if things have already been posted. Life is too short to retro-read a Dianne Abbot thread.
If only it were Diane Abbott's life that was too short...

About another thirty seconds should be more than adequate.
Just found out that it was a mate of mine, a retired DCI with the Met', who was the cheeky chappy who took the photo of abbottapotamous' solo drinking on the train. Muahahahahahhahahahahahhaha! Somehow I believe that if the foul traitor that is Abbott ever became Home Secretary, the Met' would be added to the list of entities that would rapidly cease to exist (along with MI5 and SIS).
Curiously @Dread she's risen in my estimation. A cheeky sippers on our transport system identifies her with the East European lads with their deftly covered bags of lager following a day's efforts on our building sites though in her situation, no so cunningly.

The choice of a Mojito to boot? Are we reminiscing of Castro or Hemingway's days in Cuba? :)


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Just having a little 'sharpener' in preparation for the days important business in the House.
Really? The House is on holibobs so her sharpener seems to have blunted a bit. Still as a top-up alky she needs that boost.
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