Dianne Abbott......

Flabbot's "diabetes" is now available in cans.

The shadow home secretary is sorry for breaking the law by consuming alcohol in public on the underground. Bless her.


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Flabbot's "diabetes" is now available in cans.

One of the tweets in reply was from a TfL worker who stated "that if you have diabetes and low blood sugar, sipping a can of mojito was allowed for medicinal reasons", I'm diabetic and am wondering if I'll get away with a slab of Stella for the same reason.
If she becomes Home Secretary we'll all be drinking in public.


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At 1pm...

Hasn't she got work to be doing? Sober.

the law's been in ten years. Even if your hairstyles changed the law hasn't. No drinkypoos on the train.
Work? It's the Easter recess, they don't even work when in session FFS!
Work? It's the Easter recess, they don't even work when in session FFS!
Indeed, I mean I am just grateful it is not a national crisis so the MP's can go in holiday.

I am sure we have all had holidays cancelled and called in.

If those chumps had just been locked in Westminister until they came out with a plan, this would be done by now.

Where is this man, now his country needs him?

A mojito! And not just any mojito, but an M&S mojito. How terribly middle class.
A £2 can of drink
A £5 ticket for the underground
A quick rinse through her accountant and expense account
Payable to Dianne £150 of taxpayers money
Yabbut she apologised on Twitter so she can't be charged, censured or criticised now.

Also, #BlackAlkiesMatter
It's not really an apology though is it. More like "I've been caught out again, but I didn't think the law applied to me as I'm speshul"
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