Dianne Abbott......

...Naa!, he dressed as Castro, and she rigged out as Blunder woman( AKA Bella Emburg). she riding reversed cow girl, and he lying on a pile of used copies of Mao's little red books, surrounded by former east German STASI agents, all reading out loud the collected works of Engels, Marx, and Cuba's 5 year plan,..... in Red square .......on 25th October.....sorted.

Keep going - I'm nearly there...

Speaking of the delectable Dianne; How come these two are never seen in the same place at the same time:
Dianne Abblobtt.jpg
Or abbocholorfluorific acid?
Dissolves greggs, buckets of kfc and grits at twelvetythree metres
The best description of The Abbotpotamus I've seen on these threads, superb.....Report to 9 Orme court, Bayswater W2*, Ms Norma Farnes. CEO Associated london scripts. you've got the job!....... ( *Spike Milligan & Eric Sykes old office)
Were there any reports of crop circles in the form of hammer and sickle motifs at the time?
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