Dianne Abbott......

I don't believe the fragrant Diane has ever only done half a marathon!


And at that price she could afford eleventy million a week.
[QUOTE="Murphy_Slaw, post: 858 fragrant?

You are avin a giraffe,..... aren't you?
Thank you, I'm here all week, try the veal...............

...........Too late Dianne has got to the buffet first.


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i´m thinking her dressed as chairman mau whipping him dressed as Stalin

...Naa!, he dressed as Castro, and she rigged out as Blunder woman( AKA Bella Emburg). she riding reversed cow girl, and he lying on a pile of used copies of Mao's little red books, surrounded by former east German STASI agents, all reading out loud the collected works of Engels, Marx, and Cuba's 5 year plan,..... in Red square .......on 25th October.....sorted.
For the first time ever on this site; No pictures! We don't care if it happened but for the love of the sweet little hamster, - NO PICTURES
Absolutely. No piccies as the psychological support services are under enough strain.
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